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Buying art.


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  • A lot of people posted this outfit already but I just got it today and was proud of how it came out~ Hat:Cat Ear Headband Outfit: Magic Academy Jr Shoes: Magic Academy Loafers Tail: Fluffy kitty tail
  • FayeKaiba wrote: » mfw the two options for the poll is the same. Where is the option for "It doesn't bother me?" I would like to vote that. It honestly doesn't bother me honestly. Limiting it to homesteads is not really the best idea. Some p…
  • Update: some of them are not even using regular auto barding. There are scripts involved that make them start right back up after I cancel them with duel requests. It's a plague and people like this should just get banned already ~_~
  • Pan wrote: » AFK playing isn't that bad anyways. Makes the towns feel livelier. I disagree. I wont even set foot in dun barton anymore because of them. It used to be where i spent all my time but i haven't been there for more than 10 seconds in…
  • Siodhan wrote: » I hate it with a burning passion as well. Same for people who spam control marionette or golem sounds. It has never been funny, it isn't funny right now and it never damn will be. Grow up. Yeah seriously, there's so many ways y…
  • Hardmuscle wrote: » This is one of those counter-measures-to-prevent-modding type features. If they remove the feature, people will use a macro and do it anyways. That's why I think it should only be allowed in homestead. Everyone else sho…
  • How much for the milky way guitar?
  • Allo, I'm in Scavern's guild as well. I don't run dungeons but I sit around belvast whenever I'm on so you can poke me when you take breaks from being productive~
  • I don't do dungeons but if you ever wanna chat or do music jam while I'm sitting around in belvast feel free to poke me. :>
  • I was playing around in wardrobe face options and came up with a scary version of Totono to go with the random armor set I decided to make. I thought it was amusing and sort of gave the vibe of having some cursed armor that possesses it's wearer …
  • This sounds fun x3 If I were around during it I have most instruments covered but my play time isn't very reliable I wouldn't mind playing stuff like piano, chimes, harp, bass drum, cello. Those are the favorite instruments I have.
  • Here's a picture of my Hubby and I ;3 Black kitty + White kitty.
  • Maybe ya wanna draw my hubby? He's the black kitty.
  • So neat! Thanks~ My poor arms are gonna fall off carrying him
  • Maybe ya wanna draw me napping in my husband's treehouse? Random treehouse screenie from the forum x3 Edit: Aw dang I was too late.. That's what I get for AFKing on this thread for 45 minutes before posting XD
  • TNinja wrote: » I now offer Just Married drawing. And tuxedos for both genders, as well. Couple drawing is at 4.5, so. That's it. Totono wrote: » TNinja wrote: » "In addition, U have halved the price for the goods, and the color optio…
  • TNinja wrote: » "In addition, U have halved the price for the goods, and the color option is now a freebie." Ok that was just a really bad typo. The second sentence and lower are just meant for everyone in general. And you can get a digit…
  • TNinja wrote: » A winner has been announced for the Game Time, and is eligible for a free art. In addition, U have halved the price for the goods, and the color option is now a freebie. That is, if you're lucky enough that I can give some ti…
  • Yay Final countdown is meee TNinja wrote: » And that's a wrap! Totono has reached the FINAL COUNTDOWN! Feel free to post on the actual bride thread and post your reference there. Thanks for joining everyone. Until next game. …