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  • It's as real as the 100% aimed missed shot. Or the Wall drifting mounts. Or talking to dogs with keywords.
  • Find your own fun. I stopped caring about catching up to meta/latest fashion trend/or doing every single events the game recycle every year. Mabi is now treated like a money managing/trading simulator for me. It's game over if I go broke. T…
  • Blissfulkill wrote: » Honestly, while I never was going to own a Soluna sword, I hate the very idea of this sale. Elite gear should never be packaged and sold, be it Bhafeal, Langhuiris Chasers, Divine Knights, etc. They're so desperate for mon…
  • Sunk cost fallacy. I can't move on till mabi dies or me. Which ever happens first.
  • It's not a quitting story unless you're going scorched earth or cold turkey. Otherwise, you're making a lot of noise for just a season of hiatus.
  • Sell it to me for 20m if you're itching to get rid of it. I'll find a way to log on to take it off your hands if you're on Nao. Pet medals are perma in the CS now.
  • I'll wait to collect the doll bags. I hate the outfits. The pet is kinda...the stuff of memes so I'll see if I can grab it ingame off players with gold instead now that pet medals are perma.
  • Or release them into gacha already. Or whenever the next power creeps comes they'll start to be common items prizes handed out via events/perma contents.
  • Hitting that cash app is gonna be a time saver necessity at some point. If you're trying to keep up with all the latest power creeps. With things now spiking into the hundreds of millions for set pieces after the merge. You're gunna have a bad time …
  • I tried to watch a few eps. The quality of the animation is bad questionably low budget. Def one of those shows in the weird popular camp I guess, like SAO/MyLittleBronies & borderline incestuous siblings romcom SNAFU light novels adaptions.
  • Assuming the event was any fairer, people complaining in this thread will still most likely walk out of this event empty handed. But carry on with the stick beating. Doubt Nexon NA will even care since Korea designed/approved these events.
  • I have no dog in this event since my mabi rig is currently out of commission atm but the dumpster fire is hilarious and makes me less butt hurt from having to miss this event all together.
  • Can we trade this for older missed crossovers ala FMA/Shana or another diff one? Or is this NA exclusive and haven't been done overseas seeing as people are acting surprised? I may be ok with it if so.
  • Lutetium wrote: » Corona-chan outfit gachapon, includes all previous chinese-themed outfits, rice and bean themed caterable foods and toilet paper bombs. Bat pet, special summon ability inflicts surrounding enemies with a poison effect that sprea…
  • Make life skills matter again. I've r1 every single life skill and never needed them unless I just want to make things for lulz and giggles. Mats/manuals needs an exchange premium shop. Another incentive is to allow us to craft stuff with p…
  • Collaborations. I like collecting rare unique one time only event goodies. I get filthy rich off hoarding em for sales later.
  • Just hope it's safe enuf to log in and see how auctions are doing and check the markets for deals.
  • Me. Been here since open beta and sank enough fortune that this will be my last MMo once this ship sinks. I just don't have time for any other titles in the online gaming space.
  • leave em on a pet when taking out gold. If you especially don't plan to spend immediately and like to cc often.
  • So like is the newsletter and special offer the same kind of ad we see when signing into Nexon Launcher? If so, would this matter?