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OLD Mabi player. Formerly of Hotglue/Derp guild. Been playing for far too long.


  • Long, long ago, when the game was small, the talk of "If you rank archery, you'll be a GOD".. Yeah, guess what. Being king turd of the dungpile gets you jack and or sh**.
  • Apologist wrote: » When you start seeing that one person who tries to show off and mess anything and everything up for the pug party how do you deal/confront him/her??? I tend to tuck my gears away and afk in a corner. It's not leeching if some…
  • The term you are all looking for is "Grindanogi".
  • The game does not really have the population to support it. Too many other "diversions" in game in proportion to the number of players online, at any given time.
  • Focus on life skills that raise dexterity, before going too far into archery skills. Archery is a support skill for the most part. Unless you live right next door to the servers, you'll never have a good enough connection to make it a stand-alone…
  • Archery in game is very influenced by lag, your connection, and even video settings (to an extent). Go watch some of the Youtube videos of players using archery with a fast/lagless connection, and you'll see what I mean. All I can suggest is pra…
  • ShouK wrote: » The more I read about these tests, the more I feel discouraged; it looks like these tests heavily punished those playing with lag. Failed like 6 times for combat mastery test because I can only managed to get 5k points, I can't cope…
  • Still being kicked from shadow missions for "not enough memory". Still getting silly mob rubberbanding and lag. Come on Nexon, this has been going on far too long.
  • TNinja wrote: » Isn't it always unstable? It was pretty good for a long time. Post OB it was rock solid, but as they began slapping on stuff, it began to get bad. Around G2 it got really bad, but then they did some server work and it stumbled …
  • Still crashing. The old "not enough memory" this time. A bit silly that two GB of DDR3 for the GPU and eight GB for the board is insufficient,considering at one time I could play this game on my P3-700 W2k machine. .
  • Kept crashing in today's shadow mission. Thought it was my computer, tried others, They always crashed at the same point in "Shadow Cast City". Outside that mission it seems to run fine. Ah, spoke too soon, just crashed trying to enter Rabbie. …
  • Been suggesting for years that Nexon/Devcat offer a premium that changes the gender/race of a clothing item.