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ffxiv is a better game


  • Stormbeast wrote: » I don't know what you count as fair really, because it honestly looks like you're looking for spoon-fed boss fights. Boss fights shouldn't be easy >Implying that World Progression Raiding in XIV is easy, especially w…
  • Honestly I really just hate the hair dye system. It's so easy to just ADD THESE COLORS TO THE CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN. Like we have 5 million eye colors we just pay pon for. Why do I have to pray that either I or someone else gaches the color I w…
  • Yo just curious but do you have any examples of Miqo'te? Specifically male w/ clanmarks
  • Yeah I should probably play around with formulas and what not and see what I can do with it that can be more helpful. At least if it has something about AP pathing I can punch in numbers and figure out w hat i want to do when I come back
  • I remember one time I complained about this exact type of thing back when g21 was new and people who play this game got mad. "We don't need telegraphed moves and fairness just buy enough nao stones and do damage 4head" was p much the response I got.…
  • I sure wish i had a commerce tent homestead prop like that!
  • in N/A Comment by mintiel September 28
  • ya np
    in sadge Comment by mintiel September 28
  • wait u guys have been pronouncing it as "roo-ar-ee"? i've been saying "bah-stahrd" the entire time
    in Tarlach Comment by mintiel September 24
  • 1: Play the game at your own pace. I've noticed that some of the community treats it like you should be rushing to 5k cumulative, but it doesn't seem super worth it to do that unless you're aiming to do specific content (and IMO mabi just doesn't ha…
  • I hope so because I want witch clothes!
  • I think it's canonically the latter but uhhhhhhhhhhh ...............................bear man. Big fan tho.
    in Tarlach Comment by mintiel September 24
  • I am slow at art forgive me. I drew a bit while going over UWU mechanics tonight. But I finished Quantity One (1) Art. Mizuko wrote: » Here is my OC if you are interested. I THINK SHE IS VERY NEAT. Imaizumi …
    in sadge Comment by mintiel September 24
  • Friend and I have also had him disappear.
  • Stormbeast wrote: » Inside the link is a section dedicated to the new raid. Within that is the moveset of the boss, most say telegraphed attack, …
  • So like, I missed this last night cos it was 3 am. Stormbeast wrote: » It's not so much a DPS gate as a straight DPS and strategy CHECK. 15 mins and 4 party-wide deaths. It's either survive and kill, or Fail. Sincere question here (not exactly a…
  • CrazyTim7 wrote: » When Mabinerd came 7o visi7 my local ci7y we had a similar conversa7ion abou7 7his ho7 7opic. Mab really doesn7 have ano7her dunbar7on, a 7own where all 7he gamers hang ou7 a7. I personally would love if 7hey made 7he hidden 7a…
  • >30k cumulative >Only 4 players ever get the reward How about no. I'll just continue to wait for Thordan Ultimate kthx
  • Yeah can we get that earlier generation update where they made Ruairi and other npcs look a lot better. I think they also added voice acting. That'd be nice. Hell, just update the old character creation hairs that look awful and older NPCs. I'd p…
  • i did like 20 dungeon runs and not a single thing. sounding like this event isn't worth my time when i could spend it on any other game and make progress.