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  • My location doesn't allow to download Mabi through Steam. So I rely on Nexon Launcher. Even though, my launcher was working just fine before. But after the maintenance, it started having errors.
  • Lv 10 is max, though you'll need around 26+ to get capped echostone awakening effects.
  • Well I've see many new giant weapon materials drop as well 1st gen celtic weapon materials drop and I cry when I realize how insane is the grind to even get a piece of the 2nd gen celtic weapon materials in comparison to these other materials.
  • LF> Enchant readjustment tool that could allow people to reroll enchant stats so we don't burn those extremely expensive enchants or event only enchants. As well uncapping campfire skill for higher burn chances.
  • IMO, they should just decrease the length of the regular dungeons by like 25-30%, cause shorter dungeon = less boring = fairly spamable = not minding low rates as the dungeon could be run easily. I also think that cutting the length would help GREAT…
  • Ellisya wrote: » No summer outfit shopping bag? #flips_table its coming out this week or the next one.
  • If they ever fix positioning lags, that'll be the biggest, greatest and worthiest update of all times.
  • well, its mostly a fashionogi... to go along with peaceful bohemian wear. Like hippie clothing + a hippie looking instrument while you afk play instrument or just stand at dunbarton or belvast~
  • I wish they add something like enchant success renown... its sad to do r4-r1 enchanting...
  • Idk what is more trap if mabi girls or events info. They probably said that so people mass buy those enchant protections before the "weekend 10% success rate". What low key way to make people buy enchant protections. I'm very dissapointed, I wanted …
  • THey should revamp some enchant scrolls. I mean, there are r9-r3 enchants that to are useless to our actual game content, they're way outdated. Like why would you use an enchants ex r5 with just 5 hp and 10 will? See my point? Or even r3 enchants…
  • I assume that could be possible when the next hero talent is released.
  • Well, its ironic that elves live in an arid region, yet they aren't tanned or dark skinned (as direct exposure to Sun does make skin darker) and yet Giants does have darker color skin selections and live in a cold region... Unless U/V Rays are that …
  • Well most of the "alchemical processes" imo seems to be present as alchemy skills (ex. Calcination as Flameburst, Heatbuster, Congelation as Frozen Burst, etc.). Alchemy skills have covered 4 elementals and have mastered those elements. Though Va…
  • Not to mention that enchants have a set durability and if you use those r4-r1 enchants enchants are insanely low 15%-7% or so. They should remove enchant durability. It was sad for me to attempt enchanting spooky/haunted es on accessories, but the e…
  • Well, I would say goals / accomplishments would be obtaining Soluna Blade, Succubus Queen set, Destructive pattern. Yes, they're obtainable in-game, but the efforts to even get one are dedicating the entire life to this game 24/7. Either being a ric…
  • To me, NX in this game is a way to get new items and content first than everyone or with ease. Eventually the gacha items and clothings overload the market and it'll lose value, and then that's your opportunity to buy gach stuff from other players w…
  • Finity wrote: » Foxiee wrote: » I mean People would abuse the token system. But I guess dont make tokens tradeable? Or something to balance it out... xD I do at the VERY least want %'s Pushed up Treasure chest keys are tradeable, so making to…
  • Siodhan wrote: » ...The blasted passes to the place are ridiculously expensive on their own, too, repair costs aside. I agree, and we can't craft Restorative Potions from all those Pure White dusts we always obtain in dungeons yet we have usele…
  • Oh hey! my favorite types of threads, I like to add some spice to these~ Well, they should either make a proper dungeon revamp design/pattern instead of just changing the monster stats and adding more rewards with the excuse that: "its an old co…