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  • Hey everyone, its been a while since I've posted anything and I wanted to give my dear friend Cari and her epic fashion post a little love
  • Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for the awesome gift of Special Sacred Light Coat in my mailbox
  • I just wanted to do an interim post because I think this is by far the best thread in all of Nao server! I found an cool image of myself and Cari just chilling in Belvast. PS - Thank you for posting the pictures above from us hanging out a few w…
  • Cari, thanks for including me in your post above I managed to snap a quick one of me and my wife Ayllin. The interesting thing is that Ay is in the typical blue and white that I'm usually in......I've decided to stick with red as my primary…
  • Hi everyone and especially Cari (so glad you've kept this thread going). Its been forever since I've done a post and wanted to drop in daily fashion (my wife Ayllin and friend Kiaya dressed me up heh), especially since my wife and I aren't in …
  • Its been a long time since I've posted but since im back playing, i wanted to pay Cari;s thread a visit :P
  • Hope you guys are having a good week new blue_zpsx03wltia.jpg
  • Thank you for taking the time to read this. Someone was able to come through for me, so i now have page 5 (and all of the pages). However, I have extra copies of pages 2 and 10 from arrow revolver so if you need them, they are yours, free......ju…
  • If you are still doing this, it would be awesome if you could draw one of these selections. new ven 5_zpskjsc8wap.png new foru…
  • I'm really digging the fox tails, Looks like my friend Nevine shares my affinity for them
  • Hmmmm, its probably time for a change in housing rules for Nexon. Some might not like this idea but perhaps, make the requirements easier for a guild to get a castle and build it, considering theres very little competition for housing on any of the…
  • So happy to see this thread is continuing to go strong as it finds it new home. Thanks for keeping it going all this time Cari and for continuing it on the new forums
  • I was introduced to Mabi back in 2009 by my best friend, Ayllin. She had wanted me to play the game with her back then but I did so only sporadically. Then one day, it just kind of happened. I really started to enjoy the game and completed the g…