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  • I'd be happy with the expiring ducat shop ones that Korea has. and yes... make a female version please
  • Well I'm sorry you're late then ._. most people wait like 5-10 minutes ahead of time because they know they die fast.... The devs could have made the wolves work like the max rabbit family, I admit that the way they did it isn't ideal. ,but maybe…
  • MisterMagic wrote: » The most my partner asks for is 3K ducats so she can buy cookies. Or the lives of like 15 bandits. THAT'S why she shouts "I'M HUNGRY FOR LIFE!....AND COOKIES!" man the commerce partner is a savage. She's probably s…
  • remember Mabi ingredients are kinda generic because they are used to fit different types of recipes. So even though the cheese in mabi looks kinda like cheddar cheese or swiss chese, it's simply called "Slice of Cheese" generically because it can be…
    in Japari Buns Comment by Arjune May 21
  • This event is easy as HELL. you don't even have to kill the wolves yourself, just get an AOE pet hit on all them, just a single hit and you'll get snacks when someone ELSE kills them. PILES of snacks at your feet for simply summoning a pet and playi…
  • Just putting this here again. As far as I know, it's real. I don't know for sure because I refuse to touch Elsie with a 20 foot pole
  • Mabi6 wrote: » I'm half sure that we were supposed to get a chance at a homestead pergola with this event. Japan didn't get it either from what I can tell... maybe it's only in …
  • Greta there's a difference. Usually if you type too long it stops what you're typing at a certain point and you have to send and continue typing in a new line. Now it lets you type and send and just yeets the message to oblivion.... This is a diffe…
  • Juliet1972 wrote: » Congress this is Myelvensis on Nao but thanks again for that FAST run of Rabbie Basic in 900 seconds but I need a Magical Golden AND Silver Thread to try making an Item Fishing Pole W22 because I am Rank 5 Fishing!!! @Juli…
  • Squee wrote: » Honestly, why bother? Who even does Festia stuff anymore? It was fun for an event, but these days it just seems unnecessary. Some people want to actually eventually finish the stuff and get the titles and rewards....
  • I just thought of something I'd actually like to see return! I know this might be a bit controversial because people complained about it the first time... but I want to see the sale for temporary tails come back. you know... the original sale with s…
  • KR even had an additional item that allowed them to get a 6th squire. we never got that one, and we only got the one for squires 4 an 5 once. Idk why they're ignoring that content for us
    in 4th Squire Comment by Arjune January 18
  • Alshian wrote: » Don't buy them from players above 10k gold, I noticed players had been trying to put over priced tags on them and would like to call them out for that so you don't waste your time and gold. You can make your own very easy at To…
  • I guess mine counted automatically because I have all he GM's... didn't have to run any missions
  • I'd like to see this return: Starlight Scepter (was only released once as a reward for donating to Children's Day charity)
  • you don't need Heroic, you just need SS.... so do an adv SS run and you should get 10 cm gems from it. sucks they removed the gems and gem powders though ^^; I think KR doesn't want easy mode for egos. I wonder if they've had any gem heavy events…
  • I just can't wait to see people still dumping bags full of gems on the floor for me because you know they still will >:3 if some idiots will drop direct dyes on the ground that are worth 2 mil each then they'll be dumping bags of gems too and I'l…
  • Someone hit the egg-na-nog really hard this christmas
  • I honestly never turn my reaper off and I forget very easily that it can bug the raids. I also forgot to even go to the raids so yeah XD
  • I wish I had waited to use mine when I actually cared. I didn't realize we could literally use it at any time. that's probably why it's they didn't tag them to be deleted as well