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June 20, 1994


  • And in the same vain of thinking, would it not be insane to have items self-delete much sooner? If an item has been sitting on the ground for 30 minutes, hell even 15 or 10, it seems pretty evident no one is coming back to claim their expired person…
  • Some enchants are listed as, "Enchant Enabled Regardless of Rank" Meaning you can enchant it no matter what.
  • Give it a few days, I'm positive this gacha's going to kill prices on some of these overpriced fashionogi things. You'll all have your wiggling wiggles soon enough.
  • Pannya wrote: » korean trolling warning: now we have to accumulate 100 training points at r1 to be able to do any test. I think that's fair, will be hellish for skills such as...Engineering and Magic Craft...haha....but over-all I think it's ok…
  • It's equally frustrating because I was under the impression I was going to be able to use this as an excuse to get closer to Master of Carpentry title for the quality bonus. But now I'm just wasting tons of mats in order to get the GM Bonus.
  • AgentJean wrote: » Skip it and get another mission. You think I ever did the 4 player missions for Warrior when they first added Grandmaster. Nope! very true, anymore though the 4 Persons aren't nearly as difficult and people seem to active…
  • Snormie wrote: » You guys didn't even fix it yesterday when it first began... We shouldn't be having this problem again, today. Restarting the server was temporary fix, this should have been fixed yesterday, and we shouldn't be having this prob…