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December 30, 1991


  • Got this idea and just had to do it. =D Accidentally left my Grave of the Butterflies on, but there's only so much I want to hang around Physis waiting for snow. IGN: Yoriden Server: Nao
  • Found some footage of the pet update here.
  • I'd love to get a 2-seater Thunder Dragon. I haven't seen it on sale in the past... three or so years I've been on Mabi?
  • Megasoul wrote: » If you have Premium service, you can place statues into Marketplace Houses (the ones that have their own dedicated channel, the Housing channel) and they won't disappear. But that means almost no one, even yourself, will see them…
  • Just discovered that Roaming Roasters are statue-able. Pleeeease can we have them not disappear from our homesteads?
  • Sherri wrote: » Little did I know the event actually screws us over.. I logged on today, I had a turkey and table on me but they both disappeared. Not cool. Yeah... gotta say, this quickly made me go from enjoying this event to hating it. …
  • Helsa wrote: » Wolfsinger wrote: » Ya know....I'm gonna make the most of this and just save these potatoes with the silvervine fruit I'm hanging onto for some dumb reason. What the heck. My cats have nothing better to do. Also thanks for the …
  • Greta wrote: » Do you store your logs in a bag irl as well? You say like a firewood bag doesn't already exist or that we don't all carry hundreds of glass bottles in a bag in-game or dozens of sharp weapons.
  • =/ So... by "the event resets" they mean the items disappear too? Because I got a huge lucky gather of petite potatoes yesterday and they're all gone now. And so is the table I made this morning before roll over... really not happy about this.
  • 100% agree with this, especially on the homestead stumps- I wound up selling mine because it was so useless to me and ultimately I did not make back on it as much as I put into making it. A lot of people are selling theirs too because the things are…
  • As I'm running the Moonlight Dreams quests, I'm wishing we could get the Mad Sheep and Mad Cow as HS items too. Another perfect sheep for my flock. =(
  • Just added cats and dogs to the mini-gem list and the blackened far darrig to the homestead item list... I know the latter isn't really an animal, but it still kinda fits and I didn't feel right creating a whole new thread for it.
  • I'd really like to see the Pumpkin Pie event again, because I missed it last time and I want another shot at those cute Sequel Figures. =(
  • In favor of them resetting at least once a year... I am really disappointed that I didn't even get to see a seal stone today. Some of us can't just skip work for that sort of thing. =/ I voted monthly but personal vote? At least once a year with …
  • Really hoping that a pet name change coupon will be made available at some point... and given out to those whose pets' names were changed- because 11 of my pets have hideously long names now. Hopefully after the inactive pet cleanup so I can try to …
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Speaking of homestead animals, wouldn't it be neat if they just let the animals roam around on their own? It would be nice if ducks and geese were introduced as well. And since turkey exists as an ingredient, why not have a…
  • THICCthighssavelives wrote: » Hey, look on the bright side. We are entering the age of regular Alexina vs Nao competitions and the healthy rivalry that comes from that. I can imagine a competition to see which server completes the most event quest…
  • I'd love to see... Naco Commerce - Really looking forward to when this event rolls out again, because it offers a lot of really great homestead items that I want to decorate my newly enlarged homestead! I need some glittering trees and there's so…
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Yoriden wrote: » Just started doing Blaanid's quests recently so this event makes me cringe... last thing I need is more rebirth potions. GL using the RB pots that can be used before lvl 5k. Currently only level 2k a…
  • Just started doing Blaanid's quests recently so this event makes me cringe... last thing I need is more rebirth potions.