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April 21, 1992


  • Ayamichii wrote: » Gaby5011 wrote: » Just relog (no changing channels), game is old, happens often. Have relogged multiple times, issue still persists. Same in the case of my friend. I suggested the same thing when we realized his friend l…
  • Ayamichii wrote: » Seems to still be persisting... I gave support more info so we'll see what happens. After a bit it says "Attempting to access Friends List...", is your friend seeing this too?: I asked him to take a screenshot. His doe…
  • Zeo wrote: » Support this, they really need to fix the inaccurate receipe so some of us wouldn't have to look at the wiki to make sure the recipe we have are correct or not. :l True. But with some of the new recipes, the wiki has the same numbe…
  • Iyasenu wrote: » On that note, there are certain recipes where things like Salt or Pepper are "optional". Sometimes, those recipes can end up BELOW 100 "percent". Yes, I intentionally left out those recipes and really only focused on ones th…
  • Musicat wrote: » I've noticed that too. The mechanics of this bug seem to be the following. When you hover your cursor over another item, it's just normal, when you hover over a seasoned dish for the first time after logging in, it's normal too. H…
  • Hey guys! This weekend, I'm doing a 30% off sale! You can get anything off this list for 30% off the price listed! Note me either today or tomorrow!
  • I organized the list and added much more to it! Also updated some older prices
  • Hello! I've emerged from college hell and I'm back! Everything on the list is still for sale! Tims-R-Us is back up in Belvast as well. Please note me if there's anything you want on the list. I'll take offers, but no trades. IGN is timaeuss
  • I've added a few more items and updated prices!
  • I've updated the list once again! Please check it out!
  • Hey, there! I took a break from the game and came back. I've updated the prices and the item list, so note me if there's anything on the list you want. Everything on the first post still applies. I also sell food and (sometimes) holy water in Belvas…
  • I have to agree, this update is such a step in the right direction! If it weren't for an update like this that was actually fun and refreshing, I would have come back for a day maybe and then left again. But I've been having legit fun with the game …
  • Cooking is my favorite thing in Mabinogi! I don't know why, I just find it very enjoyable and people have thanked me for it c: But I haven't been doing it as much because I'm still clearing my inventory space LOL
  • Hopefully I can get a wig to tide me over until I find the coupon. For now, it is there in the dressing room...taunting me LOL I'm glad it exists though. Thank you guys!
  • Oh, wow. I haven't seen any for sale at all on Alexina @@ I've seen the wigs with hats, but nothing with just the plain hairstyle. Anyway, thank you!
  • Updated some of the prices! c:
  • Oh gosh I remember this stuff too! I used to sit by where Fleta showed up and waiting for an outfit to be white and blue. I ended up getting the colours I wanted after waiting LOL My first character was a human on Ruairi back in G1 and I remember …
  • Hmm, not sure how long you've been gone but as someone who recently returned to the game after a couple years myself, I would say it's worth coming back to. The MusicQ update is really fun and pretty cool to run around seeing people playing music to…
  • My computer has 24GB RAM, so I never really have an issue with memory running short. I've never had any problems with shadow missions and stuff either, just this time. I went to see if anything was eating up the bandwidth and found nothing of note r…
  • I'm on Alexina as well. For me, it's pretty much unplayable, but I was thinking it was my internet because discord and my browser slowed down too. But I'm not sure why it only happened when I was in the Shadow Mission and this is the first time it's…