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I'm a pyromaniac who also happens to like kitsunes.


  • Hitsugaiyaa wrote: » Way to ruin this for everyone else "ReMoVe ThE IcOn" do the community a favor and delete your account thanks. Hi there. I remember you from what was known as Tarlach Server. Glad to see you haven't changed. Please go bac…
  • To be honest, I wasn't too thrilled about the idea of a merge. In my opinion, there was nothing a merge would have accomplished that a simple server transfer wouldn't have. But then, there are some people who have flown off the deep end and started …
  • OdinM wrote: » On top of that, the skill trees are horribly unbalanced. In ye olde days, circa G3-G8 when I really enjoyed the game, you could build your character the way you wanted to, and you'd still end up with about the same DPS as all your f…
  • I'm saddened that I missed all the salt. Because holy hell, the entitlement is real. Yeah, it sucks that Alexina server doesn't get to participate in the merging stuff, but honestly, how many of you actually remember this?
  • Greta wrote: » Gaea wrote: » Pan wrote: » Thanks Helsa, you're right. Thanks to Nexon's brilliant team for allowing me the opportunity to get some new IGNs that I have been eyeing on for a while. Think I am going to go steal and have fun imper…
  • At this point, the way the lootbox law is being dealt with, it's not even FUD anymore. It's a reality.
  • Alshian wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » Gaea wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » Harukari wrote: » This game will not last long enough to even see a merge happen. Oof Yep, I'm sorry but I am gonna have to agree with all the lootbox crap …
  • So this is the hill Mabinogi is going to die on. Instead of adapting to the times, instead of realizing what needs to be done, instead of changing the business model to help your own business survive, it's decided that Nexon is going to ride thes…
  • 2017 and people still take Gaea posts seriously what an era we live in
  • To answer your question, -You get more AP from leveling up. -AP is used to train up your skills, and having higher-ranked skills leads to higher damage output. -You also get more gold from grinding your levels. (Assuming you spam HM/Elite SMs), l…
  • Eh, it's fine. I don't need to play a game anymore. Why git gud when you can literally just buy power? By the time we get these coupons for Phantasm (it will happen, count on it), I could just de-rank nearly everything, spam this gach/buy these in b…
  • Thanks for the input. I got to Dan 1 today. I think with the points I got from Dan 1 I could probably also get to Dan 2 if I replicate the same results. I'm a bit worried about Dan 3, though.
  • That's a nice change, though it doesn't do diddly dong for the actual training up to r1 since it contributed very little points. Only thing this really affected was getting the master title. Now I'd like to see them do something like this for Alc…
  • It's an attendance event, but instead of instantly receiving a reward upon logging in, we only get points, and have to wait up to 60 minutes to get the best chunk of points. And the "rewards" are only obtainable through the point shop, where you can…
  • RKA is generally the goto for Heavy Armor, but I think Dragon Scale Armor will do up until then if you don't have the money or time to spend on RKA. Dragon Scale Armors are also generally sold for relatively cheap too. For light armors, there's t…
  • This is why I highly suggest researching and looking up talents and skills before diving headfirst into said talent. But like what Day 1 newb does that anyway?
  • Thank you for proving my point. I'll be well on my way.
  • Liyeta wrote: » Falaflame wrote: » Harukari wrote: » Player base is too small for people to be acting like this. Okay. Let me gather my thoughts here. He's 20k total. If not at least close to it. And he can't reliably solo MA worth dam…
  • I mean, I'm total 12k and I could solo MA without much trouble. He's 20k+ or close to it and he needs a full party. What's his excuse?
  • Harukari wrote: » Player base is too small for people to be acting like this. Okay. Let me gather my thoughts here. He's 20k total. If not at least close to it. And he can't reliably solo MA worth damnation, so he needs to have a full part…