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  • Usually an uninstall and reinstall of the launcher works, but it seems that it has to be done more often than not. I have one computer where it constantly does that and another where I just reboot it till it pops up since I have it set to auto-start…
  • All the boldness should be fixed up later probably, and the sorting of the way the feeds are will be much more like Maplestory website. This seems the direction they are going towards. I can see why they changed over the forums/website. It allow…
  • It appears to be working, the talent and eweca orb page.
  • Have you checked the Extra Equipment Slot? Sounds like you might have that.
  • **double post due to forums**
  • Definitely confusing since they stated: After losing 200 matches (200 wins in the Match book), you'll receive a Halloween Rock, Paper, Scissors gift box! You can choose ONLY one of the items below from the box. Does this mean winning 200 match…
  • The blurriness is probably with the rendering as it takes a while to load.. or your graphics card not being set right. If you go into your options it should show the video card that it is currently using in-game. Most of the times it's set to onboa…
  • Probably depends on if and when they send staff from KR? especially for any new content and updates? It's going to be an excruciatingly long few years.
  • Not sure about those who are not of California residency.
  • Shiranai wrote: » Eralea wrote: » Okay it sounds silly but just try this: keep spam talking to the NPC that is demanding you to summon a pet. They've apparently implemented a way for the NPC (Dilys and later on Andras for the eagle) to detect th…
  • If you can pull it off even with an elf on a more consistent basis, it does shine through because elves seems to even missing regular shots quite often. Gaby was just showing that it could be done, it's just not many people use it, but it is quite …
  • Could try and attempt to complete G9 for the Pegasus since the completion is per character if I am not mistaken.
  • I tried dropping both desks and they cannot be dropped only destroyed. It could be in your soul stream inventory or such. I would open all inventory slots/bags and use the search feature. Hope you find your desk.
  • If you go to their other games, you can download the launcher. It seems the link on Mabinogi is broken. I would go to Maplestory and you can download the launcher to get things set up.
  • I think there is a limitation of like...30 friends on your list? So basically just keep tabs on that. I know you can add 30...other ppl can add another 30 to exceed your list limit...that's when friends disappear and re-appear. Whatever the l…
  • Darn...Saw this after trying to claim my dye thinking I did something wrong. Unfortunate this part is broken for this event...wasn't before. Wonder what happened.
  • Was on Discord and it's a known issue for disconnecting and not being able to log in for a while. It is being looked into.
  • The tutorial mechanics for the gameplay make it rough for beginners to try normal dungeons if they don't fully complete it, but it is do-able. Problem is that instead of powering your way through it like a regular character now have to us…
  • I would find the instructions on doing a clean uninstall and re-install by going through the folders and regedit files. Other than that...not sure what else to really do. All else a support ticket in and hopefully they can provide …
  • It could be a launcher issue? I'm not sure. I know I've had times where the game does not launch and gives an error code...or does not update the client or seems to update it, but some reason it won't launch the game. I would try re-installing the…