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  • it was a success...made two check for 10 mill each then did an Exchange with her at the Fishing thing i heard was the squall from her 'Shopping Cart' pet as she sped to the Bank to deposit she's in the Auction House spending …
  • posted on Discord, and got a quick answer...the reply was that checks do not count towards inventory gold limit...yay
  • wiki does not go into enough detail for my question
  • asked on Discord and was told that it's AFTER we also finish up the Party Favors portion as well...all is good after all
  • suspicion CONFIRMED... i have 3 diff. character running 3 diff. events...they higher level character (Elf) was getting all the yum yums for the Dragon event which led my derpy brain to think HE was doing the event...he wasn't...he…
  • i think i may have figured it out...if i'm correct then it was something on MY part...i'll update later to verify my suspicion
  • okay, thanks for the advice...i got it to work...what i didn't know was WHERE to select i guess...when clicked on the Advancement Ticket (coin) it had requirements, and this large button that said 'Train'...what i didn't know was that the two requir…
  • to clarify, i've read that it's for achieving Dan level...question is, HOW...already been to the wiki that was of no help...i know about the Advancement Test...already been there, but nothing indicated what to do with the Advancement Coin i got from…
  • would be nice if they updated Port Qilla...being the only port to Iria it should be at least the size of Port Cobb...i'd expand it towards the Mana Tunnel so that it doesn't interfere with the Tutorial area...then bring it outward a bit so that ther…
  • the wiki says it's not compatible the wiki wrong
  • can you use them on items from THIS list on the wiki.... also some other items like the Shooting Star Robe is listed as a magical item that only Fleta can repair....just suggestions…
  • too much number crunching for would just say simply that it depends on if you're a human, or elf...bows are for sniping from a allows kills that're beyond the range of regular bolt magic, alchemy, pretty much most things..…
  • when they merged most of the servers into Nao they demolished the guilds for the 'reset'...existing guilds had to reform to avoid any similar names or guild stones stuck within each other from different servers
  • if i remember right you might wanna try to focus more along the Eastern side of that into the deeper sand (not near the edge) me...when you do find it the frustration is only beginning because if you're not fast enough with the cold wind l-…
  • what i do at a time like this.... i hope you're doing the Master Plan Event...the event will give you temporary use of a higher level weapon of your choice along with a strong pet to assist you...with the daily rebirths into FREE Ace characters y…
  • GUESS WHAT...(excited) i had done Nowhere To Run (NTR) twice...confused me as to how it ended...but...both missions STILL COUNTED towards the 3 needed...the 3 are non-specific with only the last requirement needing to be a specific mission...i di…
  • maybe try summoning a series of cloud/balloon pets to keep them snoozing
  • i'm doing G21, and just come up against Provocation...i'm a solo player which means now i'm stuck...i can not progress through the generation due to the requirement of a party of belief is that mainstream quests should always be solo-able wit…
  • according to the wiki you visit the 30 tunnels as of 2013...before tunnelpalooza happened....i already had the achievement from way back then...the wiki has a list of the specific tunnels to use
  • i'mma look around for it....personally, i think there's WAAAAAYYYY too many of them as it is...kinda defeats an open world game when we just warp everywhere...sometimes i like to just log in to go for a walk ( around on my horse.…