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  • makes me long for the even older Iria Treasure Hunt Event chests....all you needed were L-Rods to score clothing, robes, weapons, armor, etc.....ahhh....the good old days.....still have my glowing muffler robe from the event back in 2011 (and again …
  • tried an age potion way back so i could wear age restricted clothing....didn't work....totally useless potion
  • but how to get him to help....aside from describing what he does he doesn't have any kind of interface to do anything ....made a campfire for enchant burning, but says the person entrusted has to be in the same do you get an NPC to join…
  • last place i wanna see the events of real life doom and gloom is in a game i enjoy to ESCAPE such things ..... same reason politics of real life should never make it in here either ..... this is a FANTASY LIFE game .... NOT the evening news
  • UPDATE: got the reward....problem i had was the quest DISAPPEARED once i claimed the reward so i didn't see the final step about the boulder past it to talk to the Developer then got reward....whew....thought it was a glitch...well, it wa…
  • i just finished the book .... it said to claim the reward....i did, but it didn't.....supposed to be rewarded a Developer's Overtime Kit, and a Yggdrasil Unicorn Whistle....there was a flash of light, but no reward appeared in my inventory
  • you'd get all kinds of time if you're an then go invisible
  • CONFIRMED.....although you can use the skill to fly to....and....all around a Field Boss (Raid Boss) ....if you hit the V to lower all the way to just hovering off the ground then you will lose the ability to fly back up again, and you WILL be attac…
  • "unforeseen"....yeah, only was it foreseen, but it was 'recommended' made a good decision
  • and YES you can fly right through a Field Boss battle zone....not on a pet though....the original question was about Doki Doki flight skill not pets....i do it all the time to evaluate my approach to the dragons to train Meteor Smash when i'm by mys…
  • the WYVERNS don't.....but.....i have seen the Raid Bosses get a bit upset if you hover around too long....especially the Lion (he has a bad attitude ....i've not tinkered with them at ground level in flight would be safe to…
  • i'm not sure they even know you exist in flight mode.....nope....just flew over some Wyverns.....even hovering right above ground underneath a flock of 'em at the hot springs....they don't acknowledge me at all
  • you can use it to get TO the Field Boss (Raid Boss) can even fly right up to them, and look 'em straight in the eye.....however, if you land then you're screwed because you won't be able to take off again until you leave the battle zone....on…
  • sad, but true ...... the stream might just anger some dangling a shiny, now broken, toy in front of a child....and literally dancing with it.....what would be good is if they could assure us in a post that the problems are fixed....i s…
  • yup.....this regular maintenance erased a full day of progress from the previous 'unscheduled' maintenance the day before which was also erased...i'm at a loss.....think i'll just wait a week to see if they fix the entire game.....suggestion though,…
  • i was at 87% when it happened last night....3 days work all gone
  • yup...lost mine as well....was up to 87% looking forward to completing it today....%^&! i have to start over???