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  • Greta wrote: » 6f0909 wrote: » Thanks to this I finally got herbalism and potion making both to r1. pHEW How...!? These both skills are hell to rank I'm just gonna assume already had em like, r2 or something :P
  • Am jelly, but gratz. Tbh this event is pretty great, gives me the motivation to finally start grinding out those necessary skills for dex and str.
  • Prudentia is a guild a couple of experienced friends started a few months ago. We haven't been aggressively expanding and recruiting since we don't want to be one of those sprawling monster guilds with 50 people on who never meet, talk, or do anythi…
  • Put simply, you need the Composing music skill. The wiki is a good place to check how you actually obtain it.
  • Be a giant. HAHA Real talk though, you're looking at cheese wheels and stuff to lower your upper. Standard stuff, at least from what my t h i c c friends tell me. On another note, you guys actual have your appearance reset on rb? I've actually…
  • Hi there~ I'm returning as well and I'm not too high leveled, but I've been playing on and off for a decade now. I highly recommend you don't start fresh, unless you want to play as a different race. Since you're ttl 800ish you can still use Duncan'…
  • Hiya, I'm coming back to mabi after a while as well. I daresay I remember a few things here and there, but I'm by no means a veteran, so I'll help with what I know, and we'll figure out what we don't together! I'll be on this evening after work arou…