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  • So is the amount of boxes we receive per amount of coins wrong too? Got 2 instead of 3 for my 10 coins, and seems I'll get 3, not 6, for 15 coins ?
  • Greta wrote: » Others: WE NEED RE:ZERO CROSSOVER! REEEE! Me: *casually sits and watches Re:Zero in 8 minutes funny video in Youtube made by Gigguk* "Heh, so accurate" If anyone didn't not see that video, i highly suggest to see it. W…
  • 3rdy wrote: » MizukiHayama wrote: » There was an announcement in game, broadcasted globally about receiving 2x EXP in shadow missions, 2x Pet EXP, half the repair price at NPCs. Is that not part of it? Also is the seal merchant also not a part …
  • There was an announcement in game, broadcasted globally about receiving 2x EXP in shadow missions, 2x Pet EXP, half the repair price at NPCs. Is that not part of it? Also is the seal merchant also not a part of this (not sure myself). Edit: Yep,…
  • The event is quite frustrating (got annoyed myself, especially since I thought the spawn time was like 36min or something similar), but you just gotta pay attention and get a hit in. Good luck!
  • Jazmyn wrote: » Anyone have information that would help us with the Runaway Gingerman? No one seems to know when it's supposed to spawn, or what we're supposed to do.... A friend seems to have assessed the time between spawns to be ~2h. And fo…
  • Blissfulkill wrote: » So what you are saying is that Altam has an....Alltur ego? Oh my! Puntastic answer, disappointed I have not thought of it!
  • Opalthira wrote: » How terrifying. goes to try it everything i put on succubus queen ends up like this. Look at the disappointed doll look she is giving. Oh I have not tried on with her because I don't have her. Did not have any such issu…
  • I highly doubt this is what you wanted from me, but will definitely get some "Wowzers". So I was browsing kiosks in Dunby in my Succubus Fiend Transformation, and clicked on "Try on" on some fashion item. And I was stunned to see, my fiend was wear…
  • Eralea wrote: » It's the Cookie Island event for sure. I remember the same thing happening the last time they had this event too. It fixed itself after the event ended. Good to hear . Thank you all for the replies!
  • Heidi: "Don't jostle this Bento" Me:
  • Jazmyn wrote: » Neither of mine had the lucky either, but I wondered if it was maybe just due to the event with cotton candy drops and that it will go back to normal after cookie island? I don't have a Tuan, so I'm not sure there. Maybe you'…
  • Well, only gotten potions and gems until now, even by having my character online and getting 2 boxes each time. My luck is terrible.
  • THICCthighssavelives wrote: » Right now I'm seeing people sitting idle by campfires and camp tents all over dunbarton. Just how long do I have to sit by a campfire to affect the egg? Is it only my own music that affects the egg or can I listen …
  • Falmosta wrote: » Apparently Noble Whisper Whistle forces an animation. Can we get gif of that animation please? :O Here you go, hope it's good enough. Thank you and sorry for the lovely player I used as an example.
  • Ktty wrote: » MizukiHayama wrote: » Oh, I got my set for 5m on Alexina, not sure if that is too much for a set, but I would have not payed 9m tbh. They're asking 6mil for just the dress atm here. People just being greedy is all it is. Really …
  • Ktty wrote: » MizukiHayama wrote: » How much are they asking ? Adds up to like 9 mil for all the pieces on Tarlach atm. That's nutz if u ask me. It's nice and I want it but I don't want any outfit that bad. Oh, I got my set for 5m on Alexi…
  • Ktty wrote: » Iyasenu wrote: » I love when they release shopping bags. I enjoy being able to directly buy these outfits, instead of having to take a gamble with gacha, give up, and buy one off a luckier player. I just hate that. I love it…
  • I made a post a while back about these in Korea, liked them then, like it now. So I had to buy one (though due to also being poor right now, I bought off of a player). I personally like the wig, I think it's cute, the shoes I'm eh about. For now I'…