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January 25, 1996
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  • Jeez you're really talented, keep it up!
  • Sabrinakillz wrote: » The Rin Tohsaka Casual Wear NEEDS to be dyeable! That outfit is sooo cute but not dyeable, it breaks my heart. I am almost positive others would appreciate that outfit being dyeable as well. [img][/img][img][/img] I'm pret…
  • I feel like removing the random aspect of it takes away the whole point of it being a memory match. They'd be better off increasing the timer because yeah it is way too short with all the wait time we're forced to do with flip animations. Increasin…
  • Might be unpopular opinion but this is just a personal preference, I hate games that use the first and last name mechanic and force you into choosing a last name. @Helsa "For the folks that happened to be first to get a desirable name and like be…
  • I feel like it's fine. It sucks Alexina didn't get first come first serve as already mentioned, but I personally don't want to see a bunch of people running around with the same name, and don't care for dealing with a UID system on Mabi. Also @Ni…
  • We're looking forward to seeing you guys! c:
  • The Erinn Community Fair is a player-run multiday event. We plan and host events to do in game for the community and supply prizes for said events. We started it to bring the servers together after the original merge and have been hosting a summer f…
  • This is the official Schedule to this year's Nao Summer Fair 2021! Opening Ceremonies begin on Friday June 25th, 2021 at 4pm PDT / 7pm EDT at Ch.10 Dunbarton Unicorn Statue This year, each event has the option of having it's own Text channel …
  • The Nao Community Fair is currently looking for event hosts! If you are interested in hosting an event with us at the fair this year, please fill out the application form below.
  • Cute art examples, here is my character if she interests you. I don't mind if you simplify the clothing.
  • I agree that it was kind of rude to make the event so short knowing full well almost no one can complete the board all 4 times. To Maia's point of, it's a company and company needs to make money, so they make it a 0.001% chance anyone will get the w…
  • With that, the Holiday Nao Fair comes to a close! Thank you for joining us! Here is our Discord again:
  • The fair is almost here! We are having another raffle with this fair, but it will be different from the raffle we usually hold. This will be a tier based raffle, so rewards are unlocked based on ticket sales, and all ticket sales will go towards …
  • Updated schedule! Sumo hosted by Gramps has been added to Sunday's events!
  • The Nao Fair starts on Saturday, we hope to see you there! Join us for opening ceremonies to kick things off at 11:30 AM PDT / 2:30 PM EDT @ the Unicorn Statue in Dunbarton, ch 10. We’ve also made a smaller schedule for ease of viewing that incl…
  • *UPDATE* Due to another event scheduled the same day by another group, the concert has been pushed back an hour to accommodate so if you want to, you can check out their event as well! The fair schedule has been updated to reflect the change.
  • This is a cosplay I threw together a few months ago, suppose to be Charlie from Hazbin Hotel. Minus the glasses and halo, I'm just wearing them cause whynot.
  • This is the official fair schedule! Hope to see you there!
  • Not my usual style but this is what I'm wearing currently.
  • Bump for the Nao Community Fair. We are currently looking for volunteers to help run events we have planned. If you are interested in helping out this year, please fill out this form. Helping out with an event or t…