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  • BTW ranking wine making is easy, already r1 there, but it seems it doesn't have anything to do with making good wine. I will try to not get a bad hit on any of the 3 stats. However, in my experience, when I change barrels at 24hrs, when the game …
  • All ranks excluding Novice, F, E, A, and 1 require a minimum of 2 wines to fulfill the requirements to rank the skill. Rank F requires a wine aged of 20, Rank E requires 13 completed wines, and Rank A needs 35 completed wines. An alternative to Ran…
  • that table what I was going off of, maybe I'm reading it wrong? Twice I had a bottle that was total cumulative value 203, and 210. 3 barrel changes and they were 56 age. And Pencast spit that stuff out and said "No ticket for you!" (okay he said …
  • but I need that sm ticket and that upgrade.....
  • Would be nice just to know what the quality requirements are so one doesn't waste time making a bottle that isn't up to snuff... (and I prefer a less acidic wine meself...)
  • How is the RP community building going? Am very interested, but often forget to search for people in game...
  • how long until she forgets? because I didn't bug her for some time after I last posted until I was able to craft likeability potions, and even after that, went for other npc secret shops, so all told, probably haven't been there in a month real tim…
  • oic, will check it out next time, thanks
  • while I don't have a count of how many Anthology books I have given so far (lots), here's the update: after 2 more books and 2 likeability pots, she gives me the "its not good to come here too often..." I must have really stressed her out , kin…
  • Havent got the sketch yet, i'll look into doing that
  • ok sorry but a very specific question here , trying to get the final hit quest, found the karu dungeon but didn't drop an artifact so was wrong dungeon, brutal and long, but no skill so what artifact is it looking for? any artifact???
  • ok after almost 2 weeks of ridiculous fun and hours online, i'm finding it a bit frustrating. the wiki only takes you so far, there's no GM's to be seen or heard from, I'm finding my self wasting money and time and the rewards aren't keeping up wit…
  • ok now I'm having a noob music question. Playing a lute, because I cant afford anything else, and have picked up lullaby, battlefield overture, compose, discord, song; but almost every time I play instrument, I get the you're playing the same song …
  • My current board is almost complete 3 numbers left, I got one neat light sabre, but the rest was food. Should I just get a new card or keep trying to finish the card? Oh and it does fill in randomly, was a bit surprised bc I assumed it would allow…
  • Holy **** game locked up and upon restart it said update, but update is a whole 7gb again??? Is this common with Mabinogi??
  • wow thanks for the tips, right now I'm having a weird thing where Andras NPC of Tailltean is blinking in green, in world map there is a large green stick man pinned to it and instead of saying quest, the other map blinks green saying "here" about An…
  • ok so bank account offers a bit of storage? I don't think I completed opening an account there, wasn't sure if that was free of charge
  • Ok too much junk in inventory, small gems, gems, can I sell them somewhere? am not sure how to sell items. how about those formor scrolls? where can I get rid of those? Also the Altar of Restoration, do I have to lug that around? And books?
  • also not getting my stamina bar where I can see the stamina get used but the number always reads 58/58...
  • ok, but what about traditional style noob hunting grounds where a guy can make some decent coin and not get in over his head? also haven't seen much in the way of reading up on pvp, as in how its sanctioned.