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  • I was able to get in just now. Yes!
  • Caissa wrote: » I'm also currently getting this error when trying to log in using Google. Ah, thank you for saying so. Least we're not alone in the problem. Must be a launcher problem then.
  • IGN: Midz Head: Bonita Twin Ribbon Body: Cressida Wear Shoes: Women's Flat Accessory: Yellow Angel Wings
  • Negumiko wrote: » the boulder doesn't always let you in right away, attack it for a while and eventually it will let you inside. make sure you keep the completed notebook in your inventory just in case you need it with you to get inside. Thank …
  • Yeah. I know that every time I do it the generator looks like it will go to something other then final place, and then suddenly it just jumps at the last second and I'm left with what basically amounts to nothing. If I could at least get one of the …
  • It sure seems so. I haven't gotten over 17m at all today and I've been playing since 6am this morning (so 6 hours). Nexon, could you tell us what the new odds are so we know? Because I'm feeling a bit bummed. I was really liking this event before…
  • "Ready to rock this summer!" Character: Morvena Outfit: Hawaiian Swimsuit(F) Headpiece: Hawaiian Hair Blossom Shoes: Special Newbie Shoes Type A (F) Gloves: Hawaiian Bracelet (F) Accessories: Spiral Shuriken
  • I would really like to join. I love role play.
  • Here's mine; just chilling in my HS as the sun sets on the final day.
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Sai wrote: » I was here. Since the beginning. Ditto.
  • Oh, I see. Thank you Iyasenu and LongSly. I was thinking that you only got coins when you hit the 7 and 10 days once.
  • Yombo wrote: » So does this mean you can only get 7 special vacation coins? Or am I misunderstanding it somehow? Besides buying it from the stop for 30 vacation coins I mean. Where do you see that we get seven Special Vacation Coins? I just see…
  • IGN: Mamui Server: Mari Anime: Vocaloid Character: Kamui Gakupo
  • @LittleCeci Thank you. I like showing my different characters since the outfits look so cool on them. Here is my giantess; Malukkai showing off. XD Head: Floral Fairy Hair Accessory Outfit: Kristen Leather Armor Shoes: Kristen Leather Boot…
  • Greta wrote: » MiDZ wrote: » It's not really the end is it? :c It's an end of chapter (thank god), but not for generations. They will probably come up with a new story. Good. I just got finished telling someone that Mabinogi wasn't dead an…
  • Greta wrote: » MiDZ wrote: » If they did bring it over I would check out Re:ZERO too. I've never heard of it before today. You never even HEARD of it? Really...? Don't want to sound rude, but you must have been living under a rock then, becau…
  • IGN: Madon Head: Starlet Circle Ear Cuffs (M) Outfit: Starlet Circle Outfit (M) Feet: Starlet Circle Boots (M) Weapon: Chef's Passion
  • In case you have time and the desire: Thank you.
  • Seriously, your art is beautiful and so cute. Thank you for offering to draw other's characters. Here's mine if you have time. Thank you.
  • I support the idea of the dark skin tone for the elves as they are the only race that doesn't have it and it's not fair to deprive them, and the players who want to play a darker skinned elf.. Also, on the idea of lore: The majority of elves of M…