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May 13, 2018
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"Not pink? Not my kink."
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I just want to play and enjoy Mabi in peace.


  • What a great picture. I wish we had more dads like this in the world.
  • Semantics and Derailment! Key weapons in the arsenal of a narcissist! Do Not Engage with ToS violators! Fathers are cool! Fathers are needed! I LOVE fathers!
  • Name-calling, too?? What a monster! @Crimson: Interesting. I didn't actually intend for this to become a discussion about puberty blockers, tbh. I don't know why people are so obsessed with little kids these days. But, you know what? I bet ha…
  • The fact that you corrected me verifies exactly what we're talking about. Only you types would know so much about how to impose changes to a child's body. Now, stop harassing me. I don't consent to this interaction and I feel like I'm being thre…
  • Idk. I was just trying to give dads some love and get into this "Wojak" meme thing. It's pretty in-depth, more than I thought. They need it. Kids need dads. So sad watching good dads get thrown under the bus and get no recognition. Bet a lot of p…
  • [deleted post]
  • 1. No. 2. You don't. You have to be self-aware enough of your own character's damage capabilities. You can also just experiment with non-elemental versions of the same weapon and measure estimated differences.
  • omg look at all this harassment pls stop i am suffering
  • I'm not MRA, though. Stop harassing me.
  • Someone enjoying the fact that we're paying so much attention to him, that's who. a.k.a. Zarozian
  • Crimsọn wrote: » Just some Warframe nerd that vomits out Warframe garbage every chance he gets. He' longer around and hasn't been for a while, but we remember him. We can't really talk about other players like that in here though because…
  • Love you both.
  • Crimsọn wrote: » I think it would be fun if we could see combat power numbers. We have quite a few features that used to only be accessible with mods that have been implemented into the game over the years. Why not that? I honestly don't think it …
  • Vima wrote: » Was told I'm going to be put on a list for "snitching" because apparently I need to be gate-kept from content for wanting to get rid of the protection that bigger guilds have from getting banned. Other than that, there isn't muc…
  • LovePanda wrote: » Actually, harassment is in fact against the TOS and no they do not do anything about it. I for one have taken video of others being harassed and reported sending in the video and not a thing was done. So yes nexon needs to step …
  • [Just going to preface this from the start: I don't disagree with any of you about the problems you present. I disagree with the solution. I totally understand and can relate to your problems and I want to find a solution as well, trust me. But, it …
  • Hainesai wrote: » Its not even worth doing unless your new Pretty terrible not being able to daily rb on 2x ap week Thats about.... 2800 ap per week we wont get Cant get to endgame without ap cant be relevant without ap. Gonna be a boring…
  • Omg, Vima. Stop it. We talked about this. Stop trusting people to tell you what your items are worth and stop trying to be the community police if you don't know what you're getting yourself into. Liars and sociopaths exist and they will try to d…