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Its always good to meet new people. People help you grow, and the variety helps a lot.
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IGN: Gembi - Server: Tarlach - Race: Female Giant - Bunnies are awesome :3


  • I definitely got it on a few of my characters but 3 of them are "ineligible" and I don't know what that means
  • Lokitin wrote: » I'm not into PvP. Sometimes EvG is fun to mess around with, but I hate PvP going on record as it's usually so unbalanced (especially the past few years with so many gmod skills/equipment). That being said, I love this idea. I pers…
  • Defiantly would love to see more PvP in the game. I am not good at it myself, but I generally love to see the competition. Yes, there are rules, and that is to make duel more fun and fair to all players. I honestly feel Nexon should make a PvP score…
  • Unfortunately, I changed computers recently, and only had that automatic snapshot of your character. I guess it's my last outfit before the merge. -sad noises- I am from Tarlach by the way.
  • CTRL+ALT+DELETE - Go to task manager and exit all Nexon programs and reopen. Be sure to scroll down to find any hidden in the background. Happens to me sometimes.
  • I've always like the Par ruins, because it was simple and the bandersbatches dropped a ton of garbage herbs.
  • I hope for the best that things will sail smoothly with the transferring of data. 19 hours is a long time, so I hope everyone got something to do for the meantime. (I mean, why wouldn't you? lol) I don't know how many years it has been since a ta…
  • Oh my goodness! What an exciting time for everyone. (I hope) It has been awhile since I played, but I feel more people are going to come back for the new feel. I hope the maintenance won't bring any issues to the player's accounts.
  • I like the idea, but I personally enjoy real players with their own characters showing their skill. Because it takes a lot of practice to become good at pvp in this game. Maybe there can be two types, one with these or with the real stuff as well.
  • Gaby5011 wrote: » Simple solution, make event items untradable. I really wouldn't mind actually. I completely agree. At least most items that would get rigged in the market. Some fashionable thing could be trade-able, because the more there is,…
  • The only bum about this event is just horrible luck with the prizes. ^^'
  • Defiantly would love to see rank 5 cooking go up to rank 1 eventually. You can't use a fan mussel in the game because its a higher rank than 5. But you can obtain it lol. It would be enjoyable plus some more creative titles for the life skills.