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  • The Character Selection screen and Pet Window doesn't lag anymore, but the 290 update introduced other issues that are noticed. Changing channels now has a graphical lag, which varies for people, but for me lasts for 4~5 seconds on average. I can go…
  • This is a real problem, which needs to be dealt with quickly. People are trying to sell these things at stupid prices and trying to trick people. Of course it takes 2 seconds to know it's a fake, since the real thing has durability and all but still…
  • Draech wrote: » Just before I write it up as a bug, I just wanted to check with others, especially those saying they always clear: when you start the mission, are there already wolves, with another wave spawning two seconds later? Or is it like in…
  • Oddly enough I've had no issues with winning at this, with actually doing combat. I took a video of myself doing this just a few ago, and this is on channel 4 in Mari which in my opinion is one of the fastest channels, aggro wise.…
  • Failed the first two runs at the Duke, got to the Succubus Queen on the third one and I couldn't finish it because of lame teleporting mechanics with her sweet illusion skill... How exactly is this fair when she can teleport behind the wall, …
  • Arjune wrote: » you don't need multiple accounts. It didn't make you pick a main character. just log on another character on your account and gt the box. the log another and get the box. I've been getting 17 boxes a day since day 1 because I have …
  • Yeah, this is upsetting. IF I knew it'd be like this, I wouldn't of gotten 50 each day on my character. Instead I would of done it a couple times and call it good. But no... Honestly we should be allowed a reset of the book or to have a chance at…
  • Yep, you don't need to worry about the trade limit with NPC's, it doesn't include them for that total, only if it's real characters. It actually did the same thing and made me second guess myself during the
  • It's hard to pick a single place as a favorite since the whole place is pretty nice. But I've spent the most time at the Clobbermeister area overall so I'm picking this place. That and I love those Matryoshka.
  • Thank you for these weekends. Also yep, I noticed that awhile ago and was fortunate to get the name for my Fez pet lol
  • These potions don't drop hunger to 0, it actually increases hunger which is useful. So say you're at the "Fine" level currently, using one of these will make your spirit weapon go to the "Unhappy" stage.
  • @Hardmuscle I noticed that yesterday after logging back in and then off after a little bit last night. For this whole thing though, good job on restoring that setting and it seems to be keeping the bot problem in check. User = essentially.
  • Miuna wrote: » But we can't see the forum unless logged in anymore... that's bad cus forum won't let me login from my phone no matter what. Like, no matter how many times I login it just logs me out Either way if this gets rid of all the spam th…
  • I had all 12 of the existing Dan-able skills prior to the update at Dan 3, so Combat only had 4. I plan to Dan 3 every Dan-able skill possible eventually but after doing Healing early on and getting frustrated at the Dan 2 -> Dan 3 tests after 5 …
  • The wiki has updated info, but I had a paste bin for this before that was all done. Enjoy.
  • Ah haha yeah, I noticed that but thought to mention it if y'all try it again. That's true, which is why I mentioned what's obtainable and also affordable. I'll show you how I have 192. Keep in mind, I've had this lance for over a year at the m…
  • Hersheyking wrote: » Gear wise, most people wear R6/R7 Demonics Secret/67th with max reforge on their lances and combat/lance max reforges on handgears. I wear an R7 Demonic with max reforge and the Caswyn set. I'll be replacing the Demonic with…
  • @Fudgeapple; I said that months ago in theoretical situation, thought I didn't imply it then. That post was for the original un-edited opening post which has changed. At this time I still stand by what I said
  • Might need a few more mods to keep it clean if this will continue to be a daily thing. Also these spam bot owners are complete -insert censored word- morons. NA forum, English speaking player base for the most part spamming crap in Korean which w…
  • Wrote a recap last night, enjoy.
    in Stream Comment by Zarric August 2, 2017