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  • It is definitely a suboptimal solution, but that line of thinking is not wrong. If skills were inherently slower, lag would matter a lot less because the absolute delay IN RELATION to the time spent loading&using skills would get smaller. Final …
  • You're not an idiot. It usually shows the quest on the interactable to change to the area that it is located in. This one clearly didn't. It's definitely a stupid slip-up in the code.
  • I'm sure there are some formulas you can add that adjust damage or aim speed depending on your latency, potentially, or something of that sort. However, another point is that no matter how often we will call for it, it just will not happen. There wi…
  • Don't forget that a lot of events, one-time storylines and squire quests, daily quests, daily clears of some content and various other sources give us a metric eff-ton of extra ap that really quickly racks up. Helping people catch up is an idea mean…
  • I do think the lag issues should be addressed. We don't actually have such a small amount of europeans at this point. But, buddy, give up. I tried suggesting to fix urgent shot's quick training requirement as soon as the skill came out. I could have…
  • Ok, so it's not completely useless. My bad! I see your point! Grats! That wasn't my point at all though. It basically only just got implemented and it's already outdated on that section, despite literally having an entire section dedicated to raids.…
  • See, once again though. Whyyyyy have that Traveler's Guide if it's completely useless? Keep old content updated and some ingame documentation at all. This isn't wiki, this is mabinogi. Can we please play the right game. Shoving 5k free levels into a…
  • Yes, please fix this. Let's not force us to rely on outside sources to play the game.
  • If you include realization and the final, the difficulty scale goes as follows: G20 < G21
  • I'd go for 3. I love the divine knights story, I always did. I also like having mechanics other than "lol let's all collectively use that one skill on the same mob together that allows us to hit together without getting in each other's way" and "kil…
  • I ended up just staying at range @SoraHakuDA I know it's not possible for everyone though. Seriously melee is kinda bull in that fight.
  • Yes. That was literally the first place I checked and was disappointed it immediately became an abandoned piece of content again.
  • Is there anywhere you can see when and where (maybe channel as well, but mostly the location) they will spawn? I assumed they'd be spawning near the positions that you encountered them in previously, but I've only found one so far and forgotten wher…
  • When you have EU ping it doesn't matter what your cooldown is anyway. You wait like 2 seconds per shot anyway, combined with the 20 other rng elements in the test only a very few people will manage under these conditions, if any. Take it from a euro…
  • It's also that last time I cared (which was admitted ages ago), it was at very ridiculous hours for european people (just like the banquet). Doesn't make it easier for the entire community to want to bother with.
  • Terror1976 wrote: » most Also, since it has already become an issue, there's no reason not to bring it up, especially if other people are suffering from the same. Be it because of similar reasons or because they opened it without knowing after …
  • I was just a bit annoyed things were immediately moved to the incomplete department despite only lackng maybe one screenshot and the quintessence of the complaint remaining exactly the same even with scientific proportions of elaboration, but yeah t…
  • What's even worse to me is that these people don't even consider the possibility that making an item that is only usable below level 100/120 undroppable and untradable means you have give people a means to destroy them if they're..I don't know...PER…
  • If you had a friend over at your place and the house is both crumbling and on fire, would you expect them to stay over if you handed them a luxurious pillow to sleep on?
  • Just give it up. Everyone who's miraculously/due to latency managed to do it will adamantly deny that it needs change and they're not even gonna bother changing it even if everyone rallied for a valid point.