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  • So you know that blue-haired girl no more than 10 years old who started to trust you from a single strawberry milk? The girl who puts fear into the heart of Dai if you use her name as a keyword to him, you can't help but wonder if there's something …
  • Who else would be a good tutorial character than Mabinogi's warm, big-chested lithe and thin figured soul stream goddess Nao?
  • Truth be told... Mabinogi is such an old game and so outdated, only dedicated people really play this buggy and convulated mess (yes, I know I play Mabinogi and consider myself a dedicated player). So I asked myself. What if Mabinogi went FF1…
  • Honestly the ridiculous amount of base damage that chain slash skills do.... I would consider it a "low budget" power skillset. I almost want to hit my head on how much money I spent on reforges before on archery or other stuff. Yes, while …
  • PHENGISKOOL wrote: » Kenero wrote: » The Dorcha Mastery is extremely.... weak.. As for reforges... 40 in and no chain sweep. Lvl 20 Dorcha mastery (base 10% + (lvl 20 = 20% ) = 30%) 30% to ALL Chain slash skills as it is a separate multipl…
  • The Dorcha Mastery is extremely.... weak.. As for reforges... 40 in and no chain sweep.
  • Sai wrote: » Greta wrote: » Now i wish to see reactions of male squires on Female Squire Uniforms. Too bad that won't happen... Dai in a dress.
  • I am curious. +40% chain sweep damage... does that turn Chain Sweep +40% end damage or +40% to the already high 680% - > 720% and add the +20% from title = 740%?
  • Yup... time to get rank 1 reforge shoes lol. Aim for chain sweep damage, death mark damage, and chain impale damage.
  • jjeremy wrote: » Any advice for the Bridge mission? EDIT: The idea is to use hydra, lullaby, and shock. Divine way your pet so you can commend to kill off stranglers and tank aggro for you. Shock when hydra wears off and then proceed t…
  • Yeah, I'm having this discussion to see where each reforges goes on what piece.
  • Sure? But what does it go on? So far head gave me bachram explosion range.
  • She just pays attention to you... Too much attention. Is it love or....
  • Uhm here's some tips to help you out in Knights of the Round. Cast rank 1 raincast in the middle of the spikes. Then when it's up, kill any wolves that's still attacking and the rest of the wolves will pause. During this time, you have to k…
  • Sai wrote: » Ellisya wrote: » Page 2 : Bear You went super ham. This helps me. If it's from bear and not the zombies. That makes it easier mentally. The bears spawn every 50 "kills" so you have to deal with the zombies too.
  • Sadly, you can only gift them the uniforms on specific days. So it's sort of time locked. Getting chain skills have been an extremely unpleasant experience. Too many item collection RNG. It was insane for spinning slasher, but now that the last …
  • TNinja wrote: » Wait, how are you supposed to get the barrier buildt in the ROund Table, because they are too damn fast, and everything I use is too goddam slow. Not to mention the lag and bad optimization, either. If you got rank 1 shock or…