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  • I've been so disgruntled with my dwindling Tin Potion stocks that I signed into the forums to add on to this thread T~T Can we please get some Tin Potion love? I keep getting excited to see Age potions in events, and then I see that Tin Potions w…
  • On my way to the beach! ;w; Here is my wife and I hanging out at the beach! (unofficially, due to no giant and elf marriage 'w') Enjoying some summer fireworks! IGN: Faebae Server: Alexina
  • I came back to the forums specifically to find/post this exact topic. Please bring them back. I would buy them, I would buy extras, my wife would buy them, I know several other people who would buy them!!! (Literally everyone who missed out, and any…
  • The dragon was just 90% waiting around for him to land and drop meteors so I could hit him. :S Just a waiting game! With occasional potion chugging and fire dodging..
  • Just to clarify, if we have purchased NX Credit before this change, we are good yea?
  • Akiyu wrote: » Anyone know what dress this is? I tried googling it, but no luck. This is the Peaceful Bohemian Wear (F)!
  • Ah I found someone who has the shoes, they are "Adorable Shoes (F)"! They are the matching shoes for the outfit. I don't know the price of them however. :C -edit- They are 1.5m!
  • That is the Special Adorable Frill Dress! It seems to be going for ~45-50m on Alexina. The non special version is sitting at 8m. As for the shoes, I couldn't tell ya. I went through the entire shoes list in the AH on Alexina and I couldn't find a pa…
  • Hate to pop into here after a while of nothing being said but... the weekly boost missions, will the quests be removed after the event ends? I ask because I have several completed quests that I am saving for when I need them and it would really be a…
  • Leinei wrote: » Iyasenu wrote: » TNinja wrote: » Game. Please. I can't drop them. And if this keeps up, I'm going to kill someone and steal their inventory space. Haha, just like me, you still have those conqueror's chests. I'd open the…
  • It is good to know it is only my bad luck at play here! I got tens of them yesterday, so today was just so different I couldn't help but think something was wrong.
  • I don't know about anyone else, but since the maintenance ended I haven't gotten any of the magical pieces from drops. I am almost certain it is just RNG having a right good time with my rear end, but figured I'd ask if anyone else was having the sa…
  • I've never had Tara shadow missions glitch on me, except for this week. It has happened like 5 times! It's driving me absolutely nuts. >_
  • Yesterday, I used 18 coins and didn't get past the first three spaces of my first board. I just rotated between landing on an out, and landing on a 3-hand spot which took me to out, or landing on the pan between them and then landing on the hand, se…
  • 3 Cosmic Stallions 2 Gnu 1 Pegasus 2 Paparazzi and 1 Cutie Sheep 1 Tuan 1 Mir My luck wasn't too great, though the Mir and Tuan are nice!
  • I'm not on Nao, but... I'd be wary of scalpers with RB pots and such atm. They are probably just trying to take advantage of people's desperation as the x10 ap event gets near. edit: Yeah they are 20m+ on Alexina right now. It's just event price…
  • I got 2 gnus, a ton of the cosmic stallions, a couple sheep, Tuan, and a Mir dragon. Then the guaranteed Cera one of course. My gf got 3 of the Dyeable Ceras and an extra Black one, the lucky lady.
  • Chiku wrote: » I bought ten of the new pet gachas and created four of them, relogged and my other six whistles as well as the 10 fixed dyes from the bonus are gone..don't know if anyone else is having the same issue with losing cash shop items. …
  • The whistles are not tradeable. You have to buy the medals with PREPAID NX. (Don't make the mistake of buying the money via card or steam, credit can't be used to purchase them for whatever reason) I am just disappointed that the pets aren't full …
  • Would it be too much to ask... how many pet boxes are required to get 10 points with bonus points? I ask since 45 dollars is a lot, and I am hoping to learn how and when the bonus points are awarded! EDIT: Misread that, no bonus points. Just bonu…