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January 8, 1991
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"And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you" - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Wavepulse Blue + Baby Animals. Kindness+Quirky. Mari and Alexina Player


  • Bronzebreak wrote: » FayeKaiba wrote: » Adeno wrote: » I agree! I was on Nao, CH1 Dunbarton when there was this character wearing a black and white super flashy robe. Although I don't have epilepsy or anything like that, it sure hurts to even …
  • Adeno wrote: » I agree! I was on Nao, CH1 Dunbarton when there was this character wearing a black and white super flashy robe. Although I don't have epilepsy or anything like that, it sure hurts to even accidentally see. An option to disable the "…
  • While I do like some of the flashies in game, I know people who would like this option.
  • April fools events are always fun but then I remember two years ago people didn't decided that they were not going to read news posts anymore and ignored the April first day and went baby-rage over an april fools event. The amount of salt was too mu…
  • My Guiding Light ====================================================================== Author's Notes: I had such a fond time turning our wedding into a short story. The two of us have married since February 9th 2014. My husband is my every…
  • I am pretty sure it just goes by the dollar value of your countries dollar. if I want 50k NX I can't buy CAD I have to spend 68 USD conversion rates suck.
  • Калашников wrote: » Greta wrote: » How is this considered to be SALE? The gacha prices are same as always, Nexon needs to stop doing that. Slow down. Stop being touchy to every little thing. It's really irritating to read. Is something goi…
  • IGN: Fayewind Server: Nao ========================================== I completely adore homestead stuff. This pet update was something I was waiting for. My homestead is based around my life's dream on being able to rescue and love all the anim…
  • We get the new talent this summer. So the masterplan will be when we get the new talent. So I am guessing July we get it and it runs July -> September.
  • Necrojoker wrote: » So, does anyone know what dyes you're supposed to use for the Dynamic Crow/Raven wings? I've tried regular and fixed cloth and metal dyes, but the wings don't show up on the list. I don't think they are dyeable? The ones yo…
  • May I please have the Rosy Curved Glass Wings If so, please mail. IGN: Fayewind
    in void Comment by FayeKaiba June 21
  • Why not just ignore the events that you have no interest in? Sheep event: You can wait the 6 hours to get your daily limit or at the top of the hour, kill two wolves, they drop 3 snacks each. There is your 6 snacks for the day. Dragon boat- Anot…
  • More likely Mid-summer or fall.
  • Yeah I remember buying mine for about 500k They arn't really that much of a high value item anymore.
  • No. Nothing about this pet is ripping people off. To you know how broken it would be if you could use the buff every so often after the 10 minutes are up? 50 minute cool down is perfectly reasonable for the amount of stats it gives.
  • Made in Abyss is a feel good family, wholesome anime. You all should totally watch it!
  • Greta wrote: » Please stop it. Get some help. Honestly, i'm gonna be chill over this crossover. Since it's anime i really don't care about... Won't even be getting these pets and outfits are meh. If they are behind horrible rng and cost huge…
  • No. Don't like. Don't do it. Simple.
  • The queen in the trials is not the same one from the dungeon. Also I'v been able to defeat her with MS+Spellwalk+Thunder spamming (lv50 erg lv100 ego staff)
  • Event does not need to be extended. You have a whole month of doki doki. It takes one day to get 100% by spamming the boombox or 3 days of AFKing/being around your soulmate.