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Congratulations on the server merge! Hope they will keep on fixing and improving things.


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October 27, 1992
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"The village of elves and zwölves."
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Mari server resident


  • Kitsuneanagi wrote: » cause its a revamped event from 2 years ago... Surprisingly, The Meow's memories of it faded. But he definitely remembers the part about the special gift for finding the NPC.
  • Tiro wrote: » Why is there a reward for 30 consecutive days for a 28 day event? #betterlatethannever You will be (or were) able to get the count of 30 consecutive logins. It's a special feature. Bet someone's already mentioned it.
  • The Meow has finally made up his mind on taking some more screenshots of his second character after having changed her general appearance. The Anniversary is a great reason to dress up neatly and enjoy the commotion. It was some big luck (or a s…
  • Helsa wrote: » Negumiko wrote: » I found that the only way to fix my forum login issues is just to reset my modem. Usually it just takes one modem reset and rarely two resets and I am able to log back into the forums. This seems to be the only w…
  • LovePanda wrote: » Alexina was not an original server, The other 3 were before Nao merge. So those people have had the names MUCH longer then any Alexina character... therefore it literally is as fair as can be. No one should be fighting about tha…
  • There are some words missing after "during" in the Tech Duinn Mission Pass Box paragraph, probably "the event". =0w0=
  • The Meow likes the charts included in the webpost and the fact that they let us know the items' expiry terms. There's a misprint in one of the lines about the missions that features a dischord in grammatical numbers. That aside, the whole journa…
  • The Meow started experiencing that this year too. And the termination mechanics even seem to behave differently with different forums' sections, but the result is the same. Last time The Meow had to spam log-in attempts consecutively from different …
  • Policroma wrote: » (Also, main's name (Polychrome) was taken by a pet of all things.) And The Meow thinks it is actually used by a monochrome pet. Not sure. Sherri wrote: » i might be in the minority with this one but i probably would…
  • Two hotties from Cor Village are arguing. Will there even be an end? Are they fighting for territory like cats? The Meow thinks both of your initial statements were right.
  • Cyrocco wrote: » I mean, I'm losing a name I've literally used for what- 13 years? To some stranger who probably doesn't even play anymore. On top of that, I'm losing all the notes from years of playing the game, that's a lot of sentimental experi…
  • All those tigers are very pretty. The Tiger's Aura 2nd Title doesn't really remind The Meow of a tiger. Is it scratching trajectory projections?
  • Lyni wrote: » Why not give Nao players "Name+Nao"? Imagine your character becoming Name+Mari+Nao. Joke. It's technically impossible under current circumstances. Lyni wrote: » Since when was the Alexina playerbase supposed to copy their character…
  • The Meow likes the light nature of the event. It's sad that getting permanent wings dramatically depends on luck but it's good that we can get a set number of coins while completing the milestone quests that's enough to get a reward or two or to exc…
  • Happy 14th Anniversary to everyone! When is it counted from, though? The Meow thought the game was released in around 2005.
  • The Meow has heard about this event but has never seen it. He thought it was about those round small jellies with tails, but it's something different. It must be very enjoyable either way. However, The Meow doubts he can find a couple for the event.
  • Helsa wrote: » Winter. Bleh. That's probably what the snowcat thinks as well, putting on such a face.
  • It seems that this event's mechanics of carrying the remaining online time over to the next day are better than the previous ones. Maybe not. But The Meow likes how they're done. It still takes quite a lot of time to fill all the calendars, so let's…
  • Helsa wrote: » I assume you have to make these things in the back yard because if you make it in the front some donkey-hole will come along and kick it over. The Meow doesn't own a house with a yard,, so this happens here too often. That's why he…
  • Helsa wrote: » I like downhill skiing but other than that I hate snow. Would you say that you and the snowcat are alike, then? The Meow thinks its face pretty much describes your attitude towards snow.