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February 9, 1996
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  • It used to be easier to get items now there are so many items out there but...for way less availability...Not sure why they need to accumulate that much money just to keep the game's servers going...Not sure how many people are playing any of their …
  • Well it also has to do with the gold draught which of course is also the users' fault in-game for spending too much on items, selling items for too high a price, and of course the little gold bot situation
  • Shakoa wrote: » I feel like Mabi has really come away from being pay to win, but I have to say, there's a big market Nexon should jump on, and I know I would drop some cash on it: AP Pots. I actually really want to buy AP potions. There's nothi…
  • Yeah I'd suggest like...Old items can be bought with pon about a year later and then the new items can be gacha'd the whole year throughout that way they got a staple income but are also not losing money because someone is able to "save" their custo…
  • Ooooor we could just make a new talent altogether from the ground up and make a spinning scythe windmill that can move like the breakdance skill? Maybe a Reaver skill that sucks life from their opponent as they hit them and once Rank 1 siphons mana …