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  • G24 prt 2 Techniques

    Someone didn't read... but anyhow its all ego based... oh well... I'll keep the ones I normally use.
    Radiant Dawn
  • The REAL Reason Why Black-Hats Target Nexon, etc.

    I don't get it... I think the graphics are perfectly fine... I have no issues with them as is.
    GretaRadiant DawnWolfsingerpawcalypse
  • Can golden supples and Pet trading medals be perma

    I love how pet medals has been a thing every one want and there they are for over the past year or more.... check page TWO. right next to the Enchant Expiration Removal Scrolls... For months...
  • Catsidhe Best Life Talent Option?

    Personally I am just going to wait until Pet Handling come out and see if it works... otherwise... idk what to do with it... lol
  • Server Merge

    Lutetium wrote: »
    Tarlach folks always did have an ego of an abnormal level.

    Nah not ego, just results, first server to beat feth elite, first destructive robe, first secret soluna (that rng failed and only achieved 70% completion). Even those aside it's still mostly Tarlach people I see actually doing endgame content, there are a few unfamiliar names dotted in here and there though with +Mari and +Ruairi stamped on their gear still.
    It's all perspective now of course, you could just as easily say Nao was the first server to do those things now, and even throw in a completed Soluna that failed to sig (rip), all us Bear tribe, Loli tribe, and Emoguy tribe members are all Tiddymonster tribe now and we're all bound together by having Summer 08s a decade before *NEW*tribe.

    This made me laugh so hard!!!