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  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    LongSly wrote: »
    Golem "Fight"
    Since I couldn't summon a pet, I had a very frustrating and difficult time to get out of the circles in time. Even when I appear to be OUT of the circle, game says "No, you're still in the circle, back you go!" The timing between the circle appearing and triggering needs to be
    a second or two longer... Human character, by the way, with no way to speed boost (would probably have to be current level 100 to get the speed boost, assuming that would be enough).

    Few times I gotten close to the orb and back to start I go...

    After the orb, it's not much of a challenge to kill it...

    lingyao wrote: »
    For those who has trouble outrunning the golem, Shylock's Step persona helps alot.

    Also Anchor Rush, however you need to time it. You can use the white text as a warning of when it'll cast it. When it's about to cast, stand still and have anchor rush at the ready; when the circle appears immediately use it as far as you can, depending on the rank of your skill.

    What rank do you recommend for Anchor Rush? I'm doing this quest for G21 next, and mine is only rA right now.

  • Thoughts On G21? (Content And Story)

    In other news, I couldn't defeat the final boss on my first try, but it wasn't because I died or anything.

    It's because Hasidim thought it would be cool to get himself stuck in one of the ruin pillars.

    Which apparently is the secret to the paradise of Avalon in that it renders you immortal. I couldn't attack him at all.


    Now I know why there are ghosts around. They, too, must have stuck their bodies into the pillars.

    This bears reminiscent to the Human Pillars in Japan, where remains were interned inside them, as well as living individuals.


    Well, now I am chilled to the bones. :p really rather creepy...Are those....Are those the names of the people carved in the sides...? O_O

    Let me attempt translate the characters.

    The one in uppermost front is " Shibata Katsutoyo". The one behind it translates to....

    *Squints Eyes*


    Well shi- :p

    Hate to break it to you guys but...
    "Each of the torii at Fushimi Inari Taisha has been donated by a Japanese business." No ghosts involved. :p

    Anyways, yeah, Hasidim is horrible to battle against when he gets stuck in a pillar. XD