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TFW> You wanna train but don't wanna do anything.


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"I love my guild. There's nothing better than spending time around the best people on Mari!" - Ataraxiz
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♥ Leader of Electrolytes ♥ I'm married to the my best friend from Mabi. I love my guild, my cat, the color pink, and hard work!
  • Questions for Fellow Guild Leaders/Members


    I totally see where you're coming from. We only participate in wars for fun because some of our members are strategists and like to see what works. We haven't participated in a long time, that being said, I believe there has only been 2 guilds that's ever had guardianship on Mari. Due to the population and amount of people who are not interested in guilds for some reason or another, there is no competition to even out the odds.

    On another note, my guild is more social than those that have a focus on end-game content. My dreams for it were only to have fun and make memories. Casual if you will. While we do have strong members. those members are happy just helping the others where they can - they're not interested in "being the best".

    @Jazmyn Thank you for your response! I understand your perspective and will try to implement some of your ideals!

  • ⚡{SEE NEW POST UNDER NAO} Electrolytes Guild⚡

    Original post has been updated c: I hope you like the new design!
  • Why do you play Mabi?

    I originally started on March 10th, 2016 when my best friend in real life asked me to help her get flight during Doki Doki. Shortly after, she stopped playing and ventured to other games - but I didn't follow. Two days after joining I was taking the fish and items dropped by fishers on the island to sell to the general shop when I noticed a purple stranger asking if I was a noob.

    Later that day I joined their guild and made friends. Right after the 8th anniversary I met the love of my life. On top of this, I was making a lot of friends and having a lot of fun.

    Today, I run a guild of my own and live with my significant other after he flew across the country twice to meet me (the second time to pick me up). There have been good times and bad times but I wouldn't change anything. This game has taught me valuable life lessons and helped me build upon my character in many positive ways.

    I expect one day we will all move on from this game, but it's memory will live on in our goofy screenshots and our warmed hearts. I will never forget the good times that this game has to offer and I can't wait for the future!
  • chances of events with flight coupons soon ?

    Last time Doki was around, I had just started Mabi. Doki is where I met my first Mabinogi friend and that's where my story began. My friend irl wanted me to help her get Flight but she ended up getting busy and unable to play. Since it was the last week, well of course I never had the chance for those flights, RIP.

    I'm ready to see this event so other recent newbies and myself can get the full experience!
  • -Freebies- ( ゚ヮ゚)


    Your art is so wonderful! QwQ I specifically like the ones of Ava and KrissyPootel!~ Ugh so beautiful!! Please draw my character you wonderful art angel?!