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TFW> You wanna train but don't wanna do anything.


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"I love my guild. There's nothing better than spending time around the best people on Mari!" - Ataraxiz
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♥ Leader of Electrolytes ♥ I'm married to the my best friend from Mabi. I love my guild, my cat, the color pink, and hard work!
  • Server Merge

    If Nexon really wanted to see what we thought, they'd post an OFFICIAL thread hosted by a NEXON STAFF MEMBER. This is a thread posted by a community member, meaning you do not have the right to dictate who can say what on this thread. That is not your decision, and therefore we can do pretty much anything unless Nexon or a VFM says otherwise.

    And again, we know their answer because they physically SAID IT in the STREAMS.

    "There is no news of a server merge."

    Nexon KR said "No." and they have been for years.

    Nexon is NOT a democracy. They don't do whatever we say, they base it off what they think is best for the game's progress. Asian countries are extremely popular for this method of running businesses and companies .
  • Server Merge

    Where have you once seen Nexon themselves confirm anything through a forum post? If there were any commentary over this, you can find it in a stream, where they directly have said "There is no news of a server merge." That means they put in the request to Korea, and Korea said "No." If you would just put a little effort into it, you'd find out for yourself without causing drama here.

    Also, just pointing this out, Nexon producers and other employees are not allowed to display information regarding updates. They can only tell you if there is news or not, to which they have already answered with a "No." How difficult is that really to understand?

    One more time. Nexon North America, meaning THIS PART OF THE COMPANY, is NOT large enough or prosperous enough (meaning they cannot produce due to no time or money due to the size of our community) to complete a server merge. If they've said "No." when our community was bigger 8 years ago, they'll say it now because our community is smaller. Do you honestly think Nexon KR is going to give us permission to spend money we do not have and put Nexon out of business just because of a reoccurring thread? It's really rediculous to believe that.

    This thread is for OPINIONS. Why you like the idea, why you do not like the idea. Just because there are 10 pages of commentary here, does not mean it's going to get "approved". There is also no evidence this would make Mabinogi BETTER. For all we know, it will make it WORSE. This also means we have the right to post here, where as you claim we do not simply because we disagree.

    If you really, so desperately want your voice heard: Be my guest to write to the director of Nexon KR and tell him you want a server merge so bad. Be sure to let us know what you find out if you find out anything at all. I'm sure he'll care so much about a dozen opinions from another country about his game.
  • How do you Get Rich/Make Lots of Gold?

    Oh my, my.

    There are people in Mari who put up parties looking for Sugar Mama's and Daddies. It's hilarious.
  • How do you Get Rich/Make Lots of Gold?

    Greta wrote: »
    pawcalypse wrote: »
    You could marry a...wait that doesn't work in this Fantasy Life

    Marry a what? Rich player? Works 100%. Seen plenty of female players who find a rich, single guy and seduce him asap. Of course, the guy ends up buying their gf/waifu various fashionable items and so on... :p

  • Like-Me-Post!

    You like the post on the page you post on. So if there is 9 posts on page one, I will like each post, then make my comment.

    So since there are now 4 posts here, the people after us like the posts on the page then make a random comment. It's a mix between Last Post Wins and 10 Likes Wins