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  • Adv. HM Passes

    You'd have to spam the Adv. version for a mangled pass of whichever dungeon you're trying to get a pass for. The mangled passes has a chance to drop from the end chest of the dungeon and is used to craft the Adv. HM passes. Keep in mind that you'll need to buy restorative potions from the researcher near Poulnabrone Rock who's north of Dunbi Moon Gate which will cost you 50k gold per potion. The amount you need depends on the pass you're trying to craft.

    Rundal Siren HM does drop the Mangled Rundal Dungeon Pass at the end chest. But it's RNG whether you get it or not.

    In the end, you either spam Adv. dungeons for a chance of the mangled passes dropping, buy the mangled passes you specifically need from players to craft yourself, or you buy unrestricted dungeons passes off of AH and save yourself from the torment of RNGesus.
  • 11th Anniversary Thank You Card SUBMISSION

    ^ (tfw you're a total noob at editing and can't art to save your life q -q)

    IGN: Injoon
    Server: Ruairi

    I want to thank everyone at Nexon for making Mabinogi possible. I also want to thank my friends. Thank you Minty for introducing me to such a terrible addiction, and Yuki for the occasional items in the mail lol. Thank you Ryu-dailo for your trust and helping me fab out my fantasy life when I needed the extra gold. Thank you Chidori-kun for being unusually kind to me and for keeping me company. You'll forever be the one and only weridobakajerk. Thank you Miru-chan for all the times you've helped me with mats. You'll forever be my hoarder buddy. Thank you Yume for always spoiling me with compliments, even though I'm terrible at accepting them. Thank you Lan and Wiz for being such cuties and for bringing me along on your runs. Thank you Meta for sharing with me your passion for your game project and for being a friend. Thank you Masa for always trying to make me smile. Thank you Flame for being sweet and spoiling me with occasional gifts. And thank you Grande for the music jams and acorns.. o -o; Last, but not least, thank you to everyone I've met in Mabinogi for being a part of my Mabinogi experience.
  • [SUBMISSIONS] Anime Cosplay Screenshot Contest

    (At the break of dawn with my lovely pink assistant assessing data on some wild *ahem* "pokemon" 8D)

    IGN: Injoon
    Server: Ruairi
    Anime: Pokemon (Yes. Pokemon is an anime ww)
    Character: Nurse Joy/Joy-san