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  • Returned once again/ Barrage of Question.

    1. Since chains is a mix of Dex and Luck, elves can do fairly nice chunk of damage with it. Aside from that, you can always go with spamming lightning rod every now and then when it's off it's 15-20 second cool down. Though I think elves shrine the most using Vision of Ladeca with Mag spam.

    2. Any skills/talents would be a good source of str. Example: Lance, Ninja, and Carpentry.

    2a. Endgame weapons would be CRKs. Though Pilgrim Swords would be a good place to start. Just have to make them is the issue since girg mats.

    2b. Like I said in 2, anything that gives str is a good start. As for a support talent, bard is good with all the buffs. Chainblade is another good way to go although it doesn't use str so damage may be lacking in the beginning.

    3. Holy Water is about 40-60k a stack last I checked. If you're doing saga 1 dailies, you can just do the easier ones like 7 or 10 and save the boxes. Opening the boxes on the day it counts as daily will give you the daily bonus. Usually I do saga 1 ep 10 on 2 characters and open boxes on Friday-Sunday. Aside from that, if you have rank 9 magic craft or engineering, getting into the market for selling Hillwen Alloy and Intact Shyllien is good too. About 500k a stack.

    4. You're talking about the Rath Royal Castle Banquet. As for getting into raids, just go to the raid area and there'll be some people there killing said raid bosses. If by raid bosses you mean by Apostle raids, Girg, Zebach, and Hasidim, would recommend doing daily orders and training crusader skills first. Same with unlocking and training subskills.

    5. Since rebirths no longer use character cards, the ace card is useless unless you plan to make a new character in a specific ace talent. Hero/Elite Hero have requirements to use but come with some skills ranked and Ace specific skills. Example: Snap cast meteor for Merlin, Encore for Soul Star, Hydra for Vates, Catering for Culinary Artist, and Crisis Escape for Treasure Hunter. You can get the skills as is but some will be more tedious than others.

    If you need help or have any question, let me know. Usually on either my human or elf.
  • Never wait on Continent Warp cooldown ever again!

    Another option is to make a squad party and click move. It'll take you to Emain, just outside girg area.