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  • Tales of a Milletian

    : O thank you!

    Also because I was confused at first (since I'm used to the mailbox being used for forum events), to anyone else the rewards are in the cash shop item window this time.
  • Tales of a Milletian

    IGN: Lint
    Server: Nao
    Word Count: 217

    -The Devil's Task-

    Finally, I thought to myself. It's over. I can finally rest. Though it may have been a long journey, it was a worthy one and I can celebrate content with this mug of cider.

    Coin collection events always drain me, despite being the renowned Milletian. They trickle into my inventory like uninvited mites, never stacking in the way I expect them to. Fionnait expressed her condolences, explained that the fairies had a way with toying with people. Explained that it could be downright cruel.
    "Yeah sorry there. It's just how it works," she remarked while trading for 30 A-Grade pet whistles with one hoof and repairing 240 points of durability with the other. "One percent bonus damage doesn't come cheap."

    But that was then, before I had a nice haul of various enchanted figures and a pile of blue rocks. That was before the snake bites in Fiodh, before getting trampled by Kerune, and before the smelly scowls of Crag Cow. Now there was time to relax with the thought that sunrise tomorrow, it would all be gone.

    "Here's to the end of another event," I expressed to everyone and no one at Annick's bar.
    "It was extended." A terrible chill ran up my back. I turned to face Annick.
  • Fashionogi Summer 2020


    I went with a theme of "Uncommon Waters" and I tried to find a bunch of unexpected locations that showcase gorgeous water. In the spirit of exploration, my outfit doubles in utility and relaxation. Try to figure out the locations of all three pictures!

    IGN: Lint
    Server: Nao
  • Being cheated on new event

    The game saves and updates the fact if you've selected a main character for an event quest the moment you do so, but the game doesn't save a character until you change channels, relog into the game, maybe(?) when you change maps, and maybe(?) after a certain amount of time.

    This is why pet inventories are so dangerous when the server is unstable; the pet's inventory is saved when it's unsummoned but your character's isn't.

    It's hard to remember to do so, but if you get the chance change channels when you start an event questline. I usually forget to and I know I'm going to forget the one time a channel crashes.

    The solution is to write a ticket every single time it does happen though, because only the mods can fix something like this.
  • Which Special Upgrade for a Scythe?

    People also underestimate the power of Blue Upgrades because they place their bets on perfect shots.

    You're basically saying you would rather one-shot an enemy every so once in a while with Critical+Reaper rather than do more damage when you don't land Critical+Reaper.