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  • Cooking Dungeon Rework

    You don't need to get to level 200.

    Level 100: 1.5x
    Homestead Research: 1.5x
    Reforged cooking tool: 1.2x
    Combined total: 2.7x skill experience per count

    But not everyone has a reforged cooking tool, or may not invest in one.
    And not everyone would want to lease the homestead house for the research.

    Wait, so level 100 and homestead is either/or?

    You just need to get your count skill experience to 2x, since cooking's cooked item exp is 50/100 points (50x2=100). I personally did was around level 170 and used the Homestead Research. The above example that uses the Reforge is actually overkill, since you could do it without it in the above example.

    The real issue for me with the cooking dungeon wasn't difficulty but rather time.

    You need 110 gold seals to buy all of the books. The most gold seals you can get is 4 seals for a cook time of 20 minutes.

    (110/4)*20 = 550 minutes of doing the Royal Caviar Canape dungeon at no less than 90.1% perfection, or a little over 9 hours of the Kitchen dungeon for 1/3 of the seals.

    The alternative of Homestead Housing's gold requirements and the time needed to run Baltane until I was level 150 was well worth being able to complete most of Cooking by just making plain yogurts.
  • doll bag differences

    A great deal of doll bags have unique effects, though most will say in the description if they can pick up items. You could look up the whole list of doll bags, but to name some examples:

    *Adventurer Pinky Doll Bag - Highlights hidden exploration items while holding L-rods [I'm not sure if this applies to other Pinky-type dolls].

    *Kristell and Regular Ferghus - Tailor items and Blacksmith items respectively.

    *Moonlight Ferghus - Most production items, with some exclusions.

    *Cethlenn - Relics. Can also perform actions?

    *Vayne - Equipment. Can also perform actions?

    *Llywelyn - Firewood and Large Nails. Can also perform actions?

    *Many Hidden Doll Bag Squad Bonuses - In example, having both the Succubus and Incubus or the Fez and Tia bags out gives a large bonus to max. damage.

  • (KR) Fantastic Melody

    If you were wondering, since the song names are never really used, I've listed what each song relates to:

    A New Town / A New Street
    - Dunbarton Field Theme

    Standing Before the Gate
    - Avalon Gate Field Theme

    Moonlight Dancing on a Hammer / Moonshine Resting on the Hammer
    - Ferghus' Theme

    Innocence in the Night
    - Queen Succubus' Boss Theme

    An Old Story from Grandma
    - Title Theme
  • 11th Anniversary Thank You Card SUBMISSION


    IGN: Megasoul
    Server: Tarlach

    I couldn't have completed a lot of dungeons without Nao Soul Stones and so this thank you goes out to the lady behind it all (although I have to admit I've used them just when I particularly don't want to go through the effort of reblessing equipment; big oof). I'd also like to thank my guildmates in Rainconquest, picture unrelated.

    also sorry for the age old meme
  • Increase Attack Damage

    If your goal is to get damage in the 200-300's soon then there's an easy fix that won't require combat power. The music skill "Lullaby" will put enemies to sleep and provide a flat damage increase; at rank 1 lullaby will add 300 damage while allowing you to readjust since the monsters will be sleeping. You get a quest to obtain it once you obtain rank F "Playing Instrument" which you get upon equipping any instrument (the lute will be the easiest to obtain). If you also rank "Song" to rank 5 (obtained by equipping a microphone) you can use lullaby without a microphone or instrument.

    Some high damage weapons from gachapons sell cheaply since they can't be upgraded like proper late game items so I would recommend buying one of those from the player marketplaces in Belvast or Dunbarton (or the auction or housing systems).

    You have a lot of AP though so you could rank up some important skills like Smash and Windmill. Final Hit is a big hitter too, but ranking that up will make your CP go up too. Your total level is under 1000, meaning you can also go to Duncan and ask to reset your skills for free. This will make your skills temporarily go down to F rank I believe but you'll lose any progress on current skill ranks (say for life skills, if you were halfway to rank A you would lose that exp) but you can rank back up to whatever rank you had unlocked and rank-up AP is refunded as well. This can make your CP plummet and training becomes easier.