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  • Do ya think Nascent Divinity is weak?

    Ok first off, let me clear some things for the people here that think this divinity is the culmination of all your powers: it's not exactly true but not false either.
    If you read it's description, it says the following:
    Many powers swirl within you: the righteousness that comes from justice, the blessings of the gods, even Aton Cimeni's original Divine Light. You've learned to harmonize and control these powers, including power from another world, forming an all-new divinity. But since this transformation is powered by an otherworldly essence that clashes with the pure power of Erinn, you can only maintain the transformation for limited periods when in combat. While this transformation is maintained, you'll have access to new skills alongside your Alban Knight Crusader skills, though they'll be fueled by a different, otherworldly source,

    While i agree it says you learn harmonize the powers, from what i see, it never states that you actually use them, all it said is that you created a new divinity from harmonizing them but the powers you actually have are of a divine nature, unlike the transformations (powered by the spirits) or the tainted Demigod powered by the lower tier gods (tainted because you are not a pure divine being and not even a resident of Erinn).

    Now to expand from what Aquasol said, the trans is called "nascent" which you can also interpret as: "in the process of creation" / "In the process of being born" which means that the trans will get new things added to it, that i'm most certain of because we know that the involvement of the otherworldly gods is not "as present" as before, the fact we can transform shows that there is still contact with them in Erinn and that means that the idea of different dimension gods was not scrapped as far as we know (I personally still hold hope of a different dimension explorable area with us weaker as our Eirinn powers are weaker there just like the otherworldly gods's powers were weaker in Erinn)

    To clear up a few things:
    1. The divinity gets the bonus of red upgrade crit damage (tested and it's true)
    2. The divinity also gets the def, prot, mdef, mprot from what the char has equipped and you can even change weapon slots WHILE transformed to accommodate the situation
    3. Soul link can still be used and it boosts the suitability of the trans by a massive margin
    4. Any equipment set effects or bonuses still affect the end transformation
    5. Just like Demigod, your current title affects the trans (obviously since we have the extra trans time title) which ca expand play styles
    6. Shield mastery and shield passive bonuses apply while transformed, so does the armor masteries making the trans able to take a beating from middle game mobs (I for example get hit 1 dmg by Sasquatches and i'm just a mid-game player)
    7. As most of us already know, in C7 we get some pasive skills that could make the divinity trans extremely useful in terms of survivability (check the thread on this in the forums)

    As people pointed out about C7, i don't exactly know the story in any great detail but i can write down what I think is happening and why i think this trans is going to get buffed in C7. (Note that i have no proof of this and is purely speculation on my part based on story and lore)
    As we know, the next chapter is going to go back and focus on the fomorian war and all of that and we all know the main bad guy will be Fir Bolg. He was killed in the first war of Mag Tuireadh when he fought against king Nuadha. At that point Cichol did not really interfere with the war even though he was the god of the fomors and after Fir Bolg died, Cichol took charge of them. As we know, so far we know of the existence of quite many Mid tier gods but we have yet to ever meet any which changes in C7 ass we meet our first mid tier god. From this i draw my conclusion this way: We need the help of a MID TIER GOD to beat Fir Bolg, something we never needed in any of the previous generations meaning this guy was somehow resurrected on steroids and fed with pure essence of death and destruction ;) While again, i have no proof or official info of the following, I personally think Fir Bolg is helped by otherworldly gods (or maybe Cichol, we won't know till we get the gen) but if this is true, it would explain the power boost from the first war till now. Also let's not forget there's Morrighan, Cichol and Nuadha working behind the scenes. (Yes i said Nuadha)

    "After the Milletian and Morrighan leave, Cichol appears, saying he and Nuadha have not seen each other in a long time." - G12 end
    "Depending on the choices made throughout Generation 16, Nuadha's appearance in Falias at the end of the credits varies; he seems to be talking to Cichol as Morrighan approaches." - G16 ending

    I personally think these 3 are up to something with Nuadha in the middle. Nuadha stole the power of the throne of Falias and is effectively (probably) equivalent to a mid tier god and it's stated that his desire is to overthrow Atom Cimeni and what better way to do so if not with interference of gods from another realm that are not bound by Atom Cimeni's power? hence why I think this whole divinity path is gonna get massive expansions

  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    Ninzerker wrote: »
    To those claiming this is the culmination of TWENTY generations, your dead wrong, there are several generations that can be done outside of the gen1, gen 2 gen 3 progression, for instance, my first completed generation was Shamala/Nightmare on the week I started the game, and I've completed G19 and G20 on fresh characters using only the Lorna balloon and beginner stones to get past the largest hurdle through both, G19's pre-divine skills Girg fight. As seeing as how you can still access these quests with an EXTREMELY underdeveloped character its more accurate to say that g21 is the culmination of NOT the full previous twenty generations, but just the culmination of the Divine Knights storyline

    I'm sorry but i have to say this: You have paid 0 attention to the story!.
    I'm not even joking, in G21 P1 when we get stuck in the divine ice we get a flashback of every thing we fought and did in the past generations,
    In G19 Altam himself tells us of his admiration for our achievements and so do all the Alban Knights,
    We know Merlin who let's face it, you meet for the first time in G18 P2,
    In the soulstream in G21 P2 Cichol reminds us about Glas,
    The erg enchanter in G21 P1 tells us of the many different powers inside us (IN THE STORY)
    In the divine knights saga we meet the Queen whom we don't meet till very late (story wise) and she literally says that we helped her.

    And I could just go on with all the facts we have literally presented in this ark and if this was not the culmination of the past 20 generations then I don't know, the characters in this arc might just have a severe case of omniscience or flash forward inside the game.
  • Can we not immediately scream for nerfs?

    For those that are still having trouble with the last fight, and like me, can't see the white text properly here are a few hints:
    1) When the boss says: "I'm sorry" he will use the 1 shot kill skill
    2) When he starts talking about the prophecy: "Let me show you the prophecy" (or something like that) he will use the crusader lock skill
    3) The crusader lock skill has a set range so running away from it is a good way of avoiding it
    4) If by some chance you get hit by the crusader lock skill, run away as far as you can and use skills to drop aggro, he never uses the instant kill move if you are very far away
    5) I don't know if this is super accurate but at least for me, while i was constantly normal hitting him with dual swords, he never used the crusader lock skill
    6) 1 more thing i used to do was use hydra on him right after defending the instant kill move since it does extra damage while i can move around

    Hope this helps anyone

    As for the doppelganger, i don't have any advice since i will be honest with you guys, i brute forced that fight with FH, MP shield, and demigod but what i could suggest is using morrighan demigod to constantly hit him