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  • gm told me to go here

    Mabi make me angry changed a pet name of mine without even telling me, renamed it for themselves something stupid and made it so I can t dye it.its was Cockamamie its a word from the dictionary. It means ridiculous pointless. Which is a good word for what they did
  • Proof Mabi is in trouble

    Doesn't t prove Mabi is dead just proves they didn t want to kill dumb foxes
  • Bugs not fixed Leaving guilds

    Thank you, I couldn t log in on that page I clicked on the button it wouldn t work. Nor did it work on the main page. I had to go to get NX to be able to log in.
    [Deleted User]
  • Repeal the dungeon revamp

    Erm...didn't the revamp happen because of the people complaining that the dungeons were too easy? Yes, it could have been handled better as with most things, but no company is perfect. I don't mind the changes in all honesty, though I can see how it makes things a lot harder for lower-level players.

    (P-please don't bite my head off :s )
    Then the weaker players should be going with the stronger players like it used to be. And you might actually need help with something instead of everyone doing everything as solo cause its so easy, Its nice to run dungeons with people that don take 2 minutes to run through. And the stronger players shouldn t be looking down on the weaker players or players that don t do so well. Maybe a big reminder of you wern t as good as you are now either without help from someone when you started.

    GretaZeoilPiantissimo[Deleted User]
  • Elf buff for Strength and debuff for intelligence?

    if you could actually hit something