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  • Please stop having two gachas at the same time...

    It works for Runescape.

    I can imagine it now! Avalon and the related storylines and content are all VIP-only. Erg and Eidos are VIP only, but can be sold to and used by free, non-paying players. Festia is revamped, merged with Doki Doki Island, and made VIP-only. It's glorious :love:

    Mabinogi is not Runescape. More importantly, Runescape started as a F2P game and expanded with P2P content over time; because of this, Runescape is 90% a P2P game in both versions (RS3 and OSRS) with a relatively small (but decently packed, for what its worth) F2P portion which is often overrun with bots and most of the time only serves as a unlimited free trial with the potential to earn membership in-game with bonds (that someone else has to pay for). And in my case, Runescape's business model irritates me, especially in RS3's case where Jagex double dips with both a membership fee (to access the 90% of the game you can't access as a F2P) and blatant microtransactions through Treasure Hunter that makes Mabinogi's multiple gachas seem like the most balanced microtransactions ever in comparison.

    And if we're going to be really honest, Mabinogi was like this in its early incarnation; you had to pay for service to access storylines, be able to use bags, and be able to utilize your entire bank tab. On top of this, if you wanted to progress in Mabinogi at all through rebirthing, you had to pay for character cards on top of that. Players also were only ever given the one free character card (compared to the six new players receive these days, not counting support cards), so if you wanted additional characters (for more inventory/bank space, for example) you had to pay for that too. In this sense, Mabinogi in its early days was very much a "pay to progress" MMO; you had to pay to access storylines, you had to pay to expand your inventory with bags and utilize the entire bank tab, and you had to pay to rebirth, which is required if you want to actually progress.

    These restrictions were heavily alleviated over time, of course. But that was Mabinogi in its early days; it was very unfriendly to new players, you were heavily restricted in content access unless you paid for service, and if you wanted to progress you had to pay for character cards to rebirth on top of maintaining service. These are all aspects of Mabinogi that I really do not want to have be applied again, especially when Mabinogi over time has been redesigned to better support a more F2P atmosphere compared to the pay to progress atmosphere that early Mabinogi fostered. Maybe you would be okay with it, but for me personally (and likely for a lot of people) this is not a road that I want Mabinogi to go down again. Rather, I'd have them update VIP service (finally) and make maintaining service be actually worthwhile instead of being a hard requirement to access storyline content.
  • [WARNING KR SPOILERS]Giant Update (if we get it?)

    Hellkaizer wrote: »
    It's giant FH... Kind of.

    To me it looks like Wind Guard and Bash got together and had a kid.

    (I'm going to also wager a guess and say that the skill is called "Final Smash".)
  • Final Hit for Elves

    If you really think about it, all of the races have access to their own "Final" skill, based on their innate abilities. Elves have Final Shot, not to mention that they're the go to race for Magnum Shot-related shenanigans, and after all the revamps to it Giants' Wind Guard might as well should be called "Final Stand"; Advanced Heavy Stander and nigh invulnerability at higher ranks combined with Giant Full Swing and Charge spam, the only downside being massive Stamina consumption that can be countered with Enduring Melody and Fantastic Chorus.

    All things considered, the only reason why people want Final Hit for all races is because Final Hit is disgustingly broken for all the wrong reasons.
  • Help! with new Halloween event

    I've noticed that you can use Transformation Mastery to skip the digging animation when interacting with the graves, letting you open multiple graves at once without having to sit through an animation each time. This might depend on the transformation used, though; I know that Master Lich works and the increased movement speed helps with kiting the zombies.
  • Enchanting needs a renewal.

    I'd rather just have the durability/item loss on enchant failure be removed and be done it with it, myself. That alone would make enchanting far less stressful.

    Nexon could always convert the enchant protection potions into potions that guarantee an enchant to succeed.