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  • What would you guys like revamped the most?

    Fighter talent
    Commerce/commerce shop
    Special Upgradable weapon list
    Spirit weapons/spirit weapon list
    Life skills: more manuals/less pre-crafted clothing from gacha
    Fished Items list (99% of the stuff you can fish is completely pointless garbage)
    Synthesis (add new recipes)
    fragmentation (add more items)
    Theater missions
    Tara auctions
    the community GMs
    magical music effects
    combo cards (dan change was good, but the fact that a small population have permanent cards is obnoxious)
    part time job rewards
    taming wild animals (just remove it)

    remove Skill Reset/Perfect reset capsules from every event and gachapon, they're garbage. On that note, stop filling the gachas with complete garbage items. Why do I want a reset capsule when I can spend 10k at Duncan? Have you ever even played this game?

    There are a lot of mechanics and systems in this game that get abandoned every time there is a new director and it's dumb. Stop dumping content on us and then abandoning it with personnelle switches.
  • Age difference of Mabinogi

    They just need to release mabi battle royale and you'll have those statistics flipped on their head
  • So where are the Re:Zero appearance scrolls?

    Gaea wrote: »
    You people want/expect too much of Nexon.

    What we want is the missing stuff. Why is that so hard?

    This is not too much, these are baseline expectations. Fix your glitches, tell your players what's going on, find GMs that actually play the game so your content streams don't make the small population of players left want to kill themselves.

    Easy money.

    It's very easy to have NO expectations from Nexon and still be disappointed by how negligent they are sometimes. I haven't played a more fun or lasting MMO, but I have played many better managed ones. The requests on the forums, especially regarding events, aren't nearly asking too much.
  • Should Fighter skill be buffed?

    Neroy wrote: »
    Fighter is that ones skill that requires reforges to deal massive Dmg i can either deal 10-15k w/o crit for a full combo and 30k-50k+ with a full crit combo (if only crit applies to the skill rather then per hit set I.E pummel) (Max 20/ Min 12/ Beast trans min 15/ as a Giant) so buffing this skill can be a bit trickey when it comes to mulitpliers

    It has to be done carefully, but it still needs the help. I can Drop Kick for 50k crit/10k noncrit, which sounds impressive on paper until you consider you have to ramp up to that damage with 2 other skills and then get lucky on the crit. Drop Kick also doesn't intercept normals like Pummel so you can easily get hit out of it and lose all that damage.

    On the other hand you can just walk into a room and chain sweep everything for 2 10k hits easily with 0 effort and minimal investment. Or just chain impale for 20-50k. Fighter needs some serious reevaluation.
  • Are Smash and windmill forgotten by this server?

    Greta wrote: »
    Rhey wrote: »
    Giant smash/mill isn't meta already?

    Exactly. I thought we were fine as it is, but i guess they are trying to make Warrior OP now.

    Let em, can't be any worse than chains.