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Hi! I'm Yang, I'm a floof and I make comics! owo
  • Gold bags and Boxes REVAMP

    Sheena wrote: »
    Ellisya wrote: »
    1. What's the point of bank then?
    2. Don't you thkn 1m per bag is too much?
    3. I have no problem with current bag
    4. This idea only helps more those people who do bunch of alts through multiclienting.

    I just want to avoid taxes xD


    Most newbies I know see Ninja and go;"WOW! THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!" and probably do the same with Chain Slash.

    If anything, they should make some classes available only at a specific cumulative level. Stuff like Mercantile, Construct Alchemist, Dual Guns, Puppetry and Chain Slash seem like they shouldn't be available for beginners.
  • On the Topic of the Windmill Skill

    Windmill should be easier to train, at least make 30 of the EXP to;"Attack _ enemies" or something.
  • Gold bags and Boxes REVAMP

    Why not just a 100k Gold box/bag? Have it be a 2x1 one like the Lorna/pan bags.

    Or why not make Tailoring/Carpentry/Blacksmithing let you craft gold bags/boxes/coffers? The higher your rank, the more gold can be stored.
  • Dye Mixing Kettle?

    Just an idea for a new Homestead Item; Like the Paint Mixing Kettle but only being able to make dyes. However, this will just be for certain colours, it will at least give you another way to dye clothes, but only if you have the right materials.

    Firstly, the recipe itself in my mind would be as follows;
    Iron Plate x10 (For the kettle itself)
    Building Stone x25 (For the oven-like area)
    Firewood x5 (For the paddle to stir it with)

    The process for all dying will only be usable in your HS; No way to bottle it or anything, and it'd have to be used within 10 minutes or it will become contaminated by foreign particles and useless.

    First, you would need to put in 10 Bottles of Water into the kettle itself.
    Next, you would need to start boiling the water with the Campfire skill (Requires Rank A Campfire to start the fire as well as x5 Fine Firewood)
    Then, you toss in 10 Herbs of your desired colour with the Bloody, Mana or Sunlight Herbs, which would give you your dyes. 10x Bloody Herbs = Red dye. If you throw in x5 Mana and x5 Sunlight, you'd get a green dye. However, it'd not be perfect when you dye it. It'd be light at first, making it pinkish if you used the Bloody Herbs. If you want a darker red, you can choose to add 10 more herbs after the time is up. You can only do it 5 times though, which could net you a close-to-perfect red (200 only if you were to make it into a dye)
    Finally, you just need to stir it once with the herbs in and wait an in-game day for it to fully be made, then you just need to dunk your clothes of your choice in.

    The main downsides to this would be that you could trip and dye an extra part or all of the parts of the clothing that colour, which could be good or bad.
    Another downside is that you'd only be able to make only one type of colour. You'd only be able to add so many of some colour type, and it'd be impossible to get pure black or white to dye with.
    And with that 10 minute limit to dye stuff with, you'd have to act fast.

    My main idea for this is just to give people another way to at least make their clothes somewhat presentable instead of just the hideous roulette wheel we have to wait for in shops or tailor.