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Hi! I'm Yang, I'm a floof and I make comics! owo
  • Server Merge

    Mabskmk wrote: »
    Just reduce the number of channels... >.<

    I don't think we need a 7th channel for each server...Six channels is fine by me.
    [Deleted User]
  • Fixing RNG events

    Seriously though, I'd suggest keeping any prizes we can get from Festia out of the prize pool of other events. All the materials/bags/gemstones.

    It'd make the events more worthwhile.

    Keeping potions in would at least give us something we can use. My bank's filled to the brim with materials...
  • Christmas-themed Food

    With so many items designated towards Halloween food, (The cookies and their cut-outs, the various candies and chocolates), why not stuff for some Christmas candy and things like that? The only two Christmas-esque foods are the Roasted Turkey and Meat Pie.

    Candy Cane - Jam Making. Add Mint as an item purchaseable from shops (Mint tea could be a thing too), Sugar and Water.
    Fruit Cake (Baking)-Mixed Fruit, Barley Flour, Sugar.
    Mulled Wine (Boiling)-Emain Macha Wine, Apple, Orange.
    Eggnog (Boiling)-Egg, Milk, Brifne Whiskey
    Roasted Walnut (Baking)-Walnut
    Roasted Chestnut (Baking)-Chestnut
    Stollen (Baking)-Wheat Flour, Butter, Mixed Fruits.
    Roast Carrots (Baking. I usually have 'em, biased a bit)-Carrot, Butter, Salt.
    Chocolate Yule Log-(Baking.) Wheat Flour, Chocolate, Sugar.
    Mashed Potato (Mixing or Baking. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THIS?!)-Potato, Salt, Butter. (Make Garlic Mashed Potato for mixing and we're good.)
    Roast Ham (Baking)-Large Meat, Berry, Salt.

    Christmas Cookies (All Baking);
    Sugar Cookies-Sugar, Wheat Flour, and Butter.
    Gingerbread-Add Ginger as an item from Ingredient Hunting, Wheat Flour and Butter.
    Snowball Cookie-Walnut, Wheat Flower, Sugar.
  • Instruments that'd be an awesome addition

    Slide Whistles and Bag Pipes please.
  • Fixing RNG events

    Sherri wrote: »
    YangKoete wrote: »
    I'm also completely sick of the SHADOW MISSION EVENTS.

    Just...I HATE IT! We get the same. Darn. Missions. Each. TIME! JUST FOR CRAPPY REWARDS!

    Do they LIKE doing this to us!? Do they think people don't care?

    Seriously...I just want this to have an END!

    Personally, I think it's better than AFK events, though SM can get annoying if we gotta do it every day.
    More repetitive than anything.
    I really enjoy that mission point event that gives us the option to do what we want.
    Though it has its flaws as well..

    I REALLY like the story events. Cookie Island, Little Ghost, etc. Stuff like that? THAT IS FUN. I get it's hard to write a new story each time, but there's plenty they can bring back.