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Hi! I'm Yang, I'm a floof and I make comics! owo
  • Fixing RNG events

    I'm also completely sick of the SHADOW MISSION EVENTS.

    Just...I HATE IT! We get the same. Darn. Missions. Each. TIME! JUST FOR CRAPPY REWARDS!

    Do they LIKE doing this to us!? Do they think people don't care?

    Seriously...I just want this to have an END!
  • Broken percentages

    At least make some of the basic stuff at Rank 9 be 100%.


    Refining rank 9 should be 100% for refining iron.
  • Fixing RNG events

    Even just removing the crafting materials and replacing them with potions is better than getting the random stuff we can find/make in 10 minutes.
    JazmynHazurahSherri[Deleted User]
  • Life skill revamp please

    Leilicia wrote: »
    +1 To the life skills that aren't tied to any talent to be tied to a talent for easier grinding. I'm working on magic craft and I use 3 training seals from lantern event to get 30.00 and then ap train the rest of it to rank it. Easy way, but I know I wont get r1 before the event ends and then it'll be a pain to get 30.00 ;( if it was tied to a life talent it'd be a bit easier.

    I've said it before; We need something like an "Irian Crafter" or whatever.
  • Mabinogi NA Potential Tie-Ups Discussion Thread

    I want some more events to return than having new events that are just crappy SM/AFK spam.

    Cookie Island, Little Ghost, the Halloween one with the randomized missions in the mansion...

    A lot of people ask me why my Fireball is a piece of candy.

    Simple; McWaffles title from the Cookie Island event. NO ONE knew it would've been a prize, same with the pocky broom pet. But hey, I did it and now lots of people REALLY want it to do it for those prizes. It's a good winter event too if we need that.