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Hi! I'm Yang, I'm a floof and I make comics! owo
  • What would you guys like revamped the most?

    I'd like a visual revamp on Hairstyles too, but I'd also like some other options with character customization.
    1. I know this sounds odd, but underwear colouration. I don't want to walk around in a bright white set of bra and panties. It's a minor thing pretty much no one would see, but will make me feel a bit more comfortable and some more identity (And would be less odd when the Style tab runs out)
    2. Unlock the next row of eyes and hair from the top. Give us some new free styles please.
    3. Let us adjust some areas for our character without needing a specific diet. Pecs/bust, hips/thighs, etc. I like cooking so I can control how my character looks, but some people want flat and not-muscely pre-teens.
  • Theater missions need to be changed

    So for simple fixes, I can see;
    1. Make the passes smaller (2x1 like normal passes)
    2. Make rewards better/more worthwhile (25% increase in gold, 10% increase in EXP or so.)
    3. Make passes easier to obtain/get.

    I will expand on 3; Why not make it so you can craft 'em with Handicraft stuff? Make it so the Paper Sheep drop "Avon Paper" when ya shear 'em, and then you can craft a pass with each mission from different material amounts per mission.

    Say if ya want to get into Guards of Avon, you'd use Iron Ore with the paper, and for Hard, you need an Iron Ingot, 5 Avon Paper and for you to be at rank 9 Handicraft, while the Beginner one can be crafted at Rank F.

    And you can unlock the recipes after you talk to Marlowe using the "Skills" tab, he'll send ya on a fetch quest to get 10 Avon Paper and then show you how to make the pass.
  • [Event] + Second Chance!

    Put it right near the bank in Dunby or something - That would be a great thing.
  • Bring Back the Constellation Event

    I'd like to see this, sure. ^_^
  • Camp Kit Set-Up

    Maybe put entrance to Campgrounds in Festia's Frontier Zone, and have it be another attraction. The park rangers can be Festia employees.

    Or, just allow camping almost anywhere in Erinn. That way the entire game world becomes your campgrounds. But then the question becomes, why camp in the first place? Real life camping skills provide you with food and shelter in the wilderness. We as Milletians don't need shelter, and we don't need food for hunger (we do, but few use it). Food for buffs, yes, but there's no need to make that food on-site.

    I would love to camp, but it needs to have more benefits and game effects (good and bad, to allow for strategy). Camping also competes with Homesteads, thematically. Why make a camp when you can teleport to your homestead? To really make camping popular it must have uses that homesteads can't replicate. Possible new camp effects:
    - Placing a camp and fire wards away animals (reduces spawn rate and keeps them away). This is good for safety, bad for hunting.
    - Iria should be more inhospitable in general. It ain't comfy Uladh! Your campsite keeps you warm in the freezing Physis snowstorms and protects you from the harsh Longa Desert sandstorms. There's also increased hunger rate in Iria that camps alleviate.
    - Put a timer on raw foods (or all foods?). For example, raw meat only lasts 6 hours, forcing players to cook it, preserve it, or lose it.
    - Make some dungeons so long and inhospitable that we have to take camp breaks just to eat and rest (120 floors, takes 2 real life days). No visiting your homestead. The camp is your home now.
    - Campfire skill renamed to Camping and allows creation of campfire kits and camp kits for use and trading. High rank Camping skill gives buffs to camp and campfire effects.
    - What else?

    I like the ideas, but we REALLY have unused space near Tail. It could be another zone for the main campinng area.

    I do like making the food spoil for some, but I think that's a bit much. Making Hunger more of a deal (Stop the "satiation" when leveling up.), and making some more harmful weather would be great. I think the blizzards and snowstorms will deal occaisional damage as well as lower any accuracy.