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Hi! I'm Yang, I'm a floof and I make comics! owo
  • Checkbox for reviving instantly w/o cooldown

    Well...what level/how skilled are you/how good are your equips?
    [Deleted User]Zairak
  • An option to turn off "Recieved" notifications.

    Ya know that weird brown box that comes up with whatever ya get when ever ya open or craft things? I cannot find an option to turn it off anywhere, and I really hate having too click "Ok" just to close it.

    Can we have an option to turn that off?
  • Camp Kit Set-Up

    While I think a campgrounds area sounds nice and relaxing, it would be too much of a safe zone for some people to feel too interested in.
    There might have to be some conditions where the NPC animals trigger time limited missions for the entire server.
    For example, defend the monkeys from a bear attack, or tame the rampaging Raccoon King.
    Every dead NPC ticks off a limited number. By the end of the week, rewards roll out based on the number of surviving conservation animals.
    (To those the system recognizes as participants.)

    I understand that mini games are important to most of us bored veteran players, but I think that Canoeing idea you got could be improved on.
    Let's say that this mini game is made like Rafting, only instead of killing monsters, you're avoiding the obstacles in your way. (Like Frogger.)
    This way, players can compete for the highest score and speed that week, and earn new rewards.

    -Campsite Mushroom Banter-
    If there is a new update to gathering and crafting (cooking recipes included), then what kind of mushrooms might be found in the wild?
    Japan's go to mushroom, mostly seen in anime, is Shiitake and something that could be used in cooking.
    However, that might be easily confused with the Hazelnut Mushroom already seen in Mabinogi.
    On the plus side, two similar mushrooms in one area could be kind of challenging for the player, making cooking that much more fun.
    Maybe like Wine Making needs more of a practical use than a passive one, Mushroom Gathering could also stand to unlock something new.
    Perhaps it could involve more updates to Herbalism or Alchemy as well.

    All that sounds utterly amazing! Your ideas to add more content to the talents seems really fun. ^w^

    And yeah, canoeing being like rafting but ya avoid stuff is a good idea. Maybe a race?

    And for mushrooms; Easily add in Shiitake, Shimeji and Enoki! ^w^ Make hotpots a thing!

  • Camp Kit Set-Up

    We all know the Camping Kits, yeah? Quite useful if you ask me. They let you set up a base in the middle of the world with a campfire and it protects ya from mobs and can hold 6-7 people. Sadly, they do seem to be quite finnicky and not as useful as we'd like. There's a numerous amount of ways it can be changed, while also making sense in the world.

    Direct changes to the item
    Isn't it a bit odd that some of the kits have expirations? Imagine if we had that on actual tents or stuff. Just suddenly "Nope! This thing isn't good anymore!" A simple solution would have them have durabilities like chairs and such. 20/20, each setup = 1 point of durability on it. That way, we get more use out of them.

    The expansion of where we can set up camps; Campgrounds and Camp Signs
    It's kind of finnicky where we can and cannot set up camps. We have to usually define it by the very pixel sometimes to find a good place to set up. And when we do, we've lost out on precious time inside our camp.

    Firstly, having a simple sign that just shows a stick-figure at a tent and fire in some areas will be good enough to show "We can camp in this area", or even having a button on your map show "Campsites" and highlight areas where you can set your tent up.

    Secondly, adding more areas where we can set up our tents would be greatly appreciated. According to the wiki, Iria has very few areas which you can actually set up your Camp Kit, which is...odd. Why can't you do that in the least populated continent in Mabinoig?

    Thirdly, adding a Campgrounds area like the Housing areas would be pretty neat. An extension for it in-game without adding in an extra server would be quite nice, and even add some areas to maps, such as nearby Tara, Emain Macha and Tailtennan in those wooded areas. It'd have a "Park Ranger" NPC and some passive wild animals that you can feed like the Glutton Monkies and they give you camping supplies (Wood, Food, etc) depending on what food you give them. You could go in, rent a Camp Kit even, and you could have camping activities like Canoeing and stuff that can be like Festia! There'd be some trails even through the woods where more Mushroom Gathering can be done (For Button Mushrooms, perhaps?)

    And with adding the campgrounds areas, Nexon could release a gacha for "Park Ranger Wear" or even sell pets that have the ranger's caps and bandanas on them, so that'd be a boon for them. I know I'd love a cool uniform like that! (Maybe even some dual guns too?)

    Additional Camp Kit ideas
    Have multiple types hold multiple durabilities.
    A "Small Camp Kit" would have 10/10 and hold 3-4 people depending on rank, and would have slower recovery rates. The upside to this is that it would only fit in 2 cells of your inventory as well, so you can save on space.
    Large Camp Tent; 50/50 durability, holds up to 10-12 people depending on rank, and would have some other utilities (Like a water catch for when it rains to get water from). The main downsides is that it'll take up more inventory room, 4x2 for cell size.
    Camp Chair; Chair with low durability (5/5) that you can get from Campground rewards.
  • Outfit bags

    I like the idea of having a "Weekly Throwback Gacha". Selling 5 or so outfits in a box that are from ages ago.

    Bellfox, Chang'e, etc.