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Hi! I'm Yang, I'm a floof and I make comics! owo
  • Cookie island is pure struggle

    I dunno why you all dislike her, but I always like the crazies in stories.

    welp. Guess I'm just crazy too!
    MizukiHayamaAeolysRadiant Dawn
  • What now for Homesteads? How about...

    I want to have better environments other than a wasteland. . w.
  • What would you guys like revamped the most?

    I'd like a visual revamp on Hairstyles too, but I'd also like some other options with character customization.
    1. I know this sounds odd, but underwear colouration. I don't want to walk around in a bright white set of bra and panties. It's a minor thing pretty much no one would see, but will make me feel a bit more comfortable and some more identity (And would be less odd when the Style tab runs out)
    2. Unlock the next row of eyes and hair from the top. Give us some new free styles please.
    3. Let us adjust some areas for our character without needing a specific diet. Pecs/bust, hips/thighs, etc. I like cooking so I can control how my character looks, but some people want flat and not-muscely pre-teens.
  • It May Be Time For A New Server!

    My reason is that I think having a new server would divide us more.

    I play on Alexina, but I really think taking the two most underplayed servers and merging them would be best.
  • Idea For Magic

    Sherri wrote: »
    YangKoete wrote: »
    Why not "Rune" skills? Like the explosive kunai but elemental/ice mine varients.

    Oooh that would be so cool! Maybe add it in as a new weapon? I'd love to see an Elven rune magic subclass for mage.
    Add some more types of magic in too! Earth, wind, light, dark.. magic is a limitless feature, why I love it so much.
    oh and obviously the other races will complain so might as well let them use them as well
    even though us elves cant use a bunch of weapons they can use but whatever

    This reminds me of Cube World in a way.
    Each weapon you equip changes the way you cast a spell.
    Bracelets rapid fire bursts of magic, wands fire out beams of magic and staffs summon a whirlwind of magic.
    Maybe add a system like that?

    I think Staves and Wands should have their own masteries.

    Wands being faster for overall casting while Staves are great for power.

    And I think only including Earth damage or even making a proper "Druid" class would suffice.