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Hi! I'm Yang, I'm a floof and I make comics! owo
  • Uncapping a few skills

    Siodhan wrote: »
    I agree with the exception of cooking. I'd want an expansion to cooking to be well thought-out, with new cooking methods and dishes, not just a lazy tag-on for the last few ranks..because for cooking that barely accomplishes anything. I mean, our cooking precision is already crazy.

    I do, however, want them to work on THAT. As in, I do want cooking uncapped, just not lazily.

    Yeah...Like making some ingredients useful, IE; Honey.

    Make it so "Sweeteners" can be used, either Honey or Sugar for a recipe for example.
  • Mabinogi Mobile Looks Better Than The MMO

    At least making it look SLIGHTLY bette would be good (Trees/grass/Not have most of the environment be 2-D textues), but lag and bug fixes come first IMO.
    [Deleted User]SherriTheLordofNyrin
  • Can we stop failing at one of the simplest tasks?

    Yangkoete from Alexina.

    Anyway...Why oh why do we fail when we try to attempt to get Water of all things?! That should just be a guaranteed result! It's just absolutely annoying for anyone who needs to get a bottle of water for potion-making or cooking.

    SherriDanievictriaShoogYokkaichiKadalynSheena[Deleted User]RaishiiBeliah
  • Massive Commerce Overhaul

    I'd accept that if we got some "outposts" added too. Like a "Giant Fortress of _" or whatever.
  • 10 Easy Steps to Revive/Renew Mabinogi

    1. Please, Midbosses would be a wonderful gauge for how dungeons go and add some more variety. And fixing ratios would be great too.
    2. More tiers/variety even just sold by the town's blacksmiths and tailors would be so much nicer. Stronger weapons or even just a different variety of them would be great, like making more knives and smaller blades, making polearms their own skill, etc. I'd like for my weapons to look different for variety and durability like now, but also to increase in strength for type of weapon too.
    3. Oh my gosh YESSSSS. Furniture in our housing would be WONDERFUL! Making it so that even just the TENTS have something like built-in "Log seats" made with 5 firewood and 3 homestead stones, firepit made by low-grade cuilin stones (Giving them a use since a firepit needs rocks or else you'll burn down the whole tent!!), and maybe even baskets for storage for the first "Tier" for housing? They'd only give 2x2 or 4 x 4 for storage, but it's better than nothing. More uses for Life Skills is wonderful too.
    4. Not fond of making our own events, but making more guild events be a thing would be great. Sort of a "Guild Leader boost" sort of thing that they can use every so often, making more EXP boost. 10% or somewhere around there per player's not bad, but they could always upgrade it. Vanity slots sound great too.
    5. Bug fixes and balance issues - Yes. Please.
    6. More advanced trees for classes can start with those Hybrid Talents you get; Make it so they get skills with them. IE; Spellsword can use Blaz and Shockwave with swords or something like that so long as they have that talent equipped. That way you don't get overpowered people either. Also; Make it so that talent gets the boost from both, but sort of average them out. They won't be as strong as Grandmastering one of them, but it'll be a good idea to let them at least get boosts from more than just one talent.
    7. Some things should be redone as graphics can be a turn-off, but what I'm moreso worried about is lag, and it's not an incredibly easy fix, but it is indeed doable. Besides; At least making some aspects look nicer (Corn/Wheat/Barley fields being 3D rather than a bunch of 2D decals and such, some aspcts having better textures like hair/clothes) would be nice.
    8. I've only done Advent of the Goddess and some of Avon's stuff (On Merchant of Venice currently) and a mish mash of Alchemist and the Divine Knights stuff. Granted, I do think many things are quite odd even now, so fixing story would be doable too, and might even spawn more ideas for Generations. And making it so that you can have other people come into certain quests would be an amazing help.
    9. More skills can use revamps/redoing too, as Bards just got a new skill, the Renown system AND the jams. Focusing on Bards more will feel like they're forcing it on us, but it could be done in a later patch.
    10. Crafters could use a boost, but I think that's the wrong way to do it - Make *two seperate* Gachapans. A monthly "Crafting Gacha" and then the normal gacha.
    11. MOBA no, PvP arena yes.