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  • Suggestions for LIFE TALENTS

    Helsa wrote: »
    Helsa wrote: »
    Add all the previous topics together.
    There needs to be more goods and services to not only make life skills more useful but to create a healthy player economy where players rely on each other for goods and services rather than solely relying on the game's services and web shop items.

    Sounds good, but I think that would fail HARD.

    Well, it's going to be tough with a disgruntled player base that keeps spiraling down.

    I have a few concerns:
    1. most folks are so lazy they'll only be inspired to get off their duffs to gather raw materials only once the economy has gotten really bad.
    2. rich players can make our lives even more miserable.
    3. the amount of regulation required to make markets "honest" might take all the fun out of the game.
    4. In real economies folks must eat. In mab you dont actually have to spend gold or ducats.

    Don't get me wrong it'd be cool to accurate simulate a virtual ecomy from first order resource extraction to final resource disposal.

    Indeed..... difficult to simulate an accurate economy considering how many aspects of the game aren’t really applicable irl (if only infinitely regenerating resources were a real thing) . However, providing more craftable options to encourage player output and involvement in life skills doesn’t seem like a far fetch