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  • Unsure.

    Please Do Not Be Rude In Giving Your Opinion.
    Lately I have been seeing in mabinogi some people want a giant/elf marriage to happen or to just be carried by a giant on the giant's shoulder. I think there should be and OPT out of the elf/giant war that is going on in mabinogi. To me I think since it is 2019 shouldn't the war have ended by now? Maybe, there can be a new alliance of elf's/giant's who are fighting against the war to have peace among those races.(due to humans can pick either side for giant/elf i do not think they go with this, BUT they can have their opinion on/in this.) So, (even if I know some people will definitely say no a lot on it I am still trying!) I just think it is time for a new thing between them, something so it feels more equal and more welcoming; to future players of mabinogi or even players who further play the game.

    Please add comments below for your side to this. (I was really skeptical about putting this up due to some may say no to this and I just wanted no hate towards me or other fellow mabinogi players.
  • Style Tab

  • Style Tab

    There should be a hat, eat, and glasses box for style tab. I wanna be able to wear a hat with my wigs or glasses with my wig. Having to change my hair a lot with beauty coupons is a hassle to buy and use. Plus the hair storage coupons are one use only! The more gold I would waste into that. I rather wear a wig that is cheaper then a coupon. The hassle though to take off a wig to use the hat/ear/glasses is annoying because I want to wear it with said wig. (PLEASE do not say just buy a beauty coupon that is just gold I do not wanna pay for when I like the hair I have just rather have a wig+hat/ear/glasses)
  • Mass Production Cooking

    Cooking a single dish seems to take up a lot of time. I would rather mass produce like Potion Making or Carpentry. I do not wanna sit around for hours making multiple dishes one at a time. This is time consuming for people who do not have this time, or for people who feed hot-spring monkeys for certain items. I am a Grand Master Chef and I do get tired of making one single dish at a time. For questing or for helping random people or friends who do not cook or just do not want to cook. So far i have spent 2 days making over 100 dishes due to it is single dish at a time making. I probably spent 10 to 15 hours making these dishes a day. It gets tiresome. I rather spend my time earning gold instead of making dishes constantly for anything.
    (Comment Below If You Have More To Input and Do The Poll)
  • Keith's part time job

    Why doesn't it just let us choose who we can give the package to? I mean it would just be easier.