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  • Mass Production Cooking

    Jazmyn wrote: »
    Amesenpai wrote: »
    i get that but it really gets tiring i have literally been at this for 2 days to feed hot-spring monkeys to get the bait they give away after feeding them about 2/10 you get the bait i just rather mass produce cooking to make it faster then take 2-40 days to get items needed from anything. Also before you say use regular bait from cor tupai, the hot-spring monkey bait is +10 more for a tame on an animal so it is higher chance of a good tame.

    Maybe they should just increase taming bait give-rate or quantity? It's pretty low as is, especially only giving you one bait at a time...

    Hm that or you can have the option at Grand Master to mass produce or to not mass produce (maybe make it a 2nd version of GM chef? or those stat things they gave for when you are GM?)
  • Mass Production Cooking

    Cooking a single dish seems to take up a lot of time. I would rather mass produce like Potion Making or Carpentry. I do not wanna sit around for hours making multiple dishes one at a time. This is time consuming for people who do not have this time, or for people who feed hot-spring monkeys for certain items. I am a Grand Master Chef and I do get tired of making one single dish at a time. For questing or for helping random people or friends who do not cook or just do not want to cook. So far i have spent 2 days making over 100 dishes due to it is single dish at a time making. I probably spent 10 to 15 hours making these dishes a day. It gets tiresome. I rather spend my time earning gold instead of making dishes constantly for anything.
    (Comment Below If You Have More To Input and Do The Poll)
  • Multi-Colored wigs

    Leilicia wrote: »
    Urban Wig and a few more recent wigs are able to be two-toned colors. It's not multi, but at least it's two colors instead of just a singular one.

    hm true. but other wigs should be multi-colored as well. but i see what you mean