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  • Wig Trade-ins

    This is very close to what I was thinking with having wing and ear slots. I'd very much like to have a separate wig slot as well so I could mix it with a hat
  • Graphics Engine Update

    Some things do looks good, that is correct. But take Dunbarton Bank for instance. Half the textures look good and the other half are very pixelated. Most noticeably is the good floor texture with the poor rug texture on top of it.

    On the meshing side of things, the characters for instance are very rough low polygon meshes. Some movements like waving look very rough, especially at the shoulder.

    If things were smoothed out a bit and the textures at least uniformly on level with that floor texture for their resolution, it would look significantly better. Grass is another example, it is actually the opposite there, looks better zoomed out and horrible zoomed in.

    I like the art and design, I'm just saying it can use some fine tuning and updates to make it look phenomenally better. Aside from the aforementioned games, another example of how much slight updates can make would be the Hunter x Hunter 2011 remake. The graphics there were so much smoother and detailed than the original series. But if you look at reviews of the game, many people like the gameplay but their complaint is the lack in updates for the graphics.

    One example of this type of review would be a reddit post about someone looking for games like the anime MMO Junkie. Which we even had a collaboration for and were even advertised in the anime itself. Yet the people suggesting games only mentioned that Mabinogi was advertised in the anime but while the gameplay was just like the anime, the graphics were a problem.
  • Inventory System Changes

    I agree with nomigid, better highlighting would be the fix for this. Darken out things that aren't valid and maybe make it flash for a second or two